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if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, find someone whose life gives you vodka, and have a party

About Him December 20, 2007

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He stood in the corner with his drink, as usual. The party was in full swing. Most people would have thought he was bored but he wasnt. He just didnt like being with too many people. He preferred the back row.

The women walked past, checking him out. He was just that kind of man. The men walked up to say hi. He was just that kind of man.

She appeared on his side and the monologue continued.
“I cant wait for you to meet him. You are one of my closest friends! I want you to like him, u know. Tch! As such I know you will like him. He is just so purrrrfect, you know!”

He took a deep breath, “Yes we have spent the last 30 minutes and 2 drinks talking about his purrrrfect-ness – rather you talked and I listened.”

She giggled, “You are just jealous. You are wishing ……well, u know! How did I get so lucky?!? He is sweet and sexy. Caring and hot……” Pretends to fan herself, “…..and when I say hot, you know!”
She gulps down her fancy cocktail mix. “Wait till you meet him. You will know!”

He leaves her to walk up to the bar for another rum. Her chattering nonstop for the past month about her purrrrfect boyfriend was getting on his nerves. “He did this …you know! and he is like that….you know! What the…….” He stopped himself then. Maybe she is right. He is jealous – his non existent love life wasnt allowing him to enjoy his friend’s joy.
Walking back with his drink, he promised himself to be nice! He was going to be cheerful and friendly and………..he couldnt breathe……he couldnt think………he couldnt…….

She shrieked then. “Here you are! This is him! I am so glad you guys are finally meeting each other!”

He stared at him. Neither of them spoke. Each waited for the other to take the lead.

He gulped down his drink. The rum hit him in his gut and thoughts flew in. He managed a Hello! and excused himself to the bar again.

Halfway across the room, he turned.
She was still hanging on to his arm – holding him close to her body. They both were smiling at him.

He turned back and his only thought then was “oh honey….I KNOW….I know him so well….you dont want to know!”


5 Responses to “About Him”

  1. Nishchal Shukla નિશ્ચલ શુક્લ Says:

    waiting for part 2 before i comment on him(s) or her or the rum in this story

  2. anar Says:

    and some can still smell the rum-rambling away….

  3. Neeti Says:

    its amazing how the focus is more on the rum than the pheeeelings!
    tsk tsk…..

  4. anar Says:

    he rum is still fresh on ur lips, and you often wonder how the taste does not fade away…, it’s the peg you had that was too large to handle.. and too less for a hangover. Do not worry the bar is still open

  5. Keren Nazareth Says:

    there has to be rum, dont there..??
    hehe… and the cocktail, what other drinks will u be including in part deux?

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