life, lime and lemons

if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, find someone whose life gives you vodka, and have a party

The Sunday. January 7, 2008

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Woke up at noon.
Huge mug of coffee and an hour spent with the newspapers.
Cleaned out cupboard.
Reassembled some part of life.
Found some old letters that made me 🙂
Lunched and laughed with the family.
Spent the afternoon lazying at the den.
Giggled at nonsensical jokes with the girls.
Binged on junk food *slurp slurp*
Watched mindless tv.
Read thrashy novel.

Yeah, sometimes some days do come close to perfection.


2 Responses to “The Sunday.”

  1. churningthewordmill Says:

    my kinda sunday!!!totaaaaaaaaaallly!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Here are some of the answers:

    “Why is it that you remember what you forgot only after the train leaves the station?

    Because if you remember what you forgot before that, i guess you will miss your train (you always have that option btw).

    *How do you draw the line between caring and caring too much?

    A ruler?

    *How do you communicate that you are happy about something but also unhappy about it?

    Depends on what means of communication you want to use…as in some traditional ones like say a kabootar or a letter etc or some modern ones like email or sms – for the former you will atleast need a pen and for the latter, you will atleast need a pc or a mobile. You always have the option to just say it aloud.

    *How do you then convey that bringing up certain points is not necessarily raising a finger at anyone?

    Then you just need to reply back to the messages that come back to you.

    *How much time do you need to know you fit in?

    Aah! Misconception! Fitness cant be measured in units of time…its volume I guess! (it might be possible that i have a misconception and i havent comprehended the question properly!)

    *How do you know you are good at something if you havent tried it out at all?

    Isnt the fact that you havent tried it out at all enough?(otherwise i am sure you would have made a mess out of it)

    *How do you know you havent sold out on your ideologies for the easier road?

    See…you are already doing that…what rishis do for years in jungle (to find out answers to such questions), you are using blogspot (the easier road)! So just check if you are a blogger!

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