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Elevator 2 January 31, 2008

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The elevator stopped with a ping! and a few people climbed on. She was one of them.
He didnt think she saw him. The bald guy in front of him was too broad and too tall for him.

She looked great. The hair was pinned up tight as usual. Her favourite hoops were on her ears.
He looked at her left hand …..searching for a sign …a sign to know if the rumours were true.
He looked at the three men around her….wondering if it was one of them they said she was engaged to.

He saw the red-shirt man’s fingers graze hers….. saw him lightly run his fingers up and down her palm. He could see the blush climb her neck all the way to her cheeks. It was the only sign that betrayed that she had felt the touch. She didnt turn her head nor did she move away from him.
In the crowded elevator, no one else noticed any of it.

The man started to withdraw his hand – immediately her fingers stretched out and curled up with his. She held on to his hand all through the ride.
He knew then that it was too late.
She had listened to him.

Maybe he had waited too long – for the feeling had passed. For her.


5 Responses to “Elevator 2”

  1. churningthewordmill Says:

    you have been tagged!

  2. churningthewordmill Says:

    i like the way this story is shaping up…
    amy be i shud call you “neeti with the short stories” instead of “nutty neeti” on my blogroll! wat says u?

  3. Gaurav Says:

    bewafa sanam!! hehehe, i don’t know why that popped into my head, wasn’t that like a kishen kumar movie?!!

  4. Neeti Says:

    Mandy Yes i agree! its time to change my image in ur head!

  5. Keren Nazareth Says:

    You’re really getting it down to the ‘t’ arent you… the corny, the mystery… creating your own brand of must-read blogs…

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