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Being 19 February 18, 2008

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Ever wonder what it would be like to go back to being 19?
You were stupid and silly then but the thing is that it was the norm to be stupid and silly at 19.
Though you were a grown up, you didnt have the baggage of responsibilities to carry yet.
You werent expected to have any answers.
You may have disliked your job but it was okay…coz you knew you were going to move on to something better.
You may have felt lost but it was okay…coz you knew that it was too soon to have reached the destination.
You may have been unsure but it was okay…coz the journey has just begun.
Your heart got broken but you healed soon with the realisation that there were more fish in the sea!

To be 19 again……… Maybe Hiro can help.


6 Responses to “Being 19”

  1. churningthewordmill Says:

    please dont make it sound like my fate is sealed!! i NEED to do some of the things you listed even now… i may be a tad over age, but, hey im not over the hill yet! lol…can we begin with the PERFECT job please?

  2. Neeti Says:

    honey im sorry to break your spell – but the words “perfect” and “job” dont go together 🙂
    and about the fate being sealed…it is! you should have listened to me in TISS when i tried so hard to get you to “loosen up” and enjoy life 😉
    tch tch…..
    then toh you ran away from me!

  3. Keren Nazareth Says:

    Actually if you look at where we are at the moment… 25/26? in the larger scheme of things its not too old trust me, we’ll be thirty in a couple of years and then we’ll be talking about being 25.

  4. Weedy Says:

    i wouldn’t go back to 19 if they paid me to do it! all i can say is 27 is better for me than 19 was. when 37 comes i’m going to wear purple coats and hats with ostrich feathers. at 47 i will be a zexy vampire and drink the blood of virgins to keep me young. oh yeah, baby…it’s all about having a plan. you just need to focus, dude. seriously.

  5. Neeti Says:

    weedy, me lurves u! i cant wait to be 40 so we marry and ill be the coolest chick around married to a “vampire”!

  6. churningthewordmill Says:

    let me tell you this.. i havent changed a bit.. the “running away” may happen even now!! heheh

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