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The Age Dilemma continues….. February 20, 2008

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Is this what growing up meant?

You dont write to me anymore. What happened to those 3-a-day one-line mails we exchanged? The most random information that we shared with each other.

How come the calls have stopped? Inspite of spending the day together, we still had a lot of talking to do on the phone every evening. Now there is so much left unspoken.

When did we run out of things to talk about? Is it the lack of time or have our priorities changed?

Is this what growing up really is?


4 Responses to “The Age Dilemma continues…..”

  1. Keren Nazareth Says:

    its the time sweetheart… its not abt growing up. Not according to me.

  2. Weedy Says:

    it’s the weather, dude. first it was too cold. now we’re depressed the cold is gone. in a week it’ll be too hot.

    or, maybe…our hearts have turned into cold cold moonrock.

  3. churningthewordmill Says:

    its time and age both.. but primarily time.. ppl seem to get super busy with their lives as they age… look at all the junta that got married recently.. their droppin off the face of earth, proves just that…but you cant hold that against people.. more responsibilities get piled on as we age and there is no escaping that…

  4. haathi Says:

    maybe its increasing comfort and calmness.

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