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if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, find someone whose life gives you vodka, and have a party

Aaah! Life as it is March 25, 2008

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1. Does your boss realise that he doesnt need to try so hard – that you anyway feel stupid most of the time?
2. Is there a Masters in Foresight – life would be simpler if you graduated with top honours in percieving events before they have occured?
3. How does Murphy know when to strike – when you are going to be at your lowest so he can make it worse?
4. Is there a cure for foot-in-the-mouth disease – or is slitting your wrists the only option?
5. What do you do with all the extra information your sensors recieve – coz you could do without knowing about a colleague who has the hots for another one?
6.What the f*** is wrong with being nice – isnt there enough rage in the world already?


5 Responses to “Aaah! Life as it is”

  1. dieselnacht Says:

    1. it’s like when you forget your underwear. the main thing is to not let anyone know. yes. even your boss. ESPECIALLY your boss.
    2. that would be a bummer, dude. i mean, knowing where you’ll wake up drunk…pitchy, dawg, pitchy…
    3. murphy knows EVERYFINK. most of all, he knows your toast. worst of all, he knows when it’s BUTTERED. goddamn that dastardly murphy.
    4. slitting your wrists and draining the blood out into a jar is a pretty cool option. oh yeah.
    5. you can use your eyebrows if you know stuff, man. never underestimate the Power of the Eyebrow. ryechus.

  2. churningthewordmill Says:

    pertinent questions… but more than the questions i m keen to know about the events that brought these out!
    puhleeeeeeeeeeease tell us ur foot-in-mouth moment

  3. Neeti Says:

    Mandy u know me. its foot in the mouth all the time!!! choosing a single incident isnt possible!

    the questions come from…well, generally – Life.

  4. Ajeya Says:

    1. He doesn’t know?
    2. I agree with diesel.
    3. Murphy’s has that Foresight qualification from point 2.
    4. Why cure?!?! 😉
    5. Boring!!! It’s fun to observe!

  5. haathi Says:

    on top of my mind at the moment:

    1) is there a cure for a communication breakdown?

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