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Cool! April 3, 2008

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I lay on the carpet, completely engrossed in my book. A shadow crept up on me. She was approaching me with a grin – a grin she was trying to hide but failing miserably! She hid her hands behind her back as she inched her way slowly towards me. I asked her what she wanted. In response, she shook her head from side to side but the mischievous gleam in her eyes told me the truth.

She moved within touching distance of me. She brought her hands to the front and I saw the one item I had come to dread recently. A comb!!!!! My heart started beating faster. I wondered what excuses I could come up with to avoid the torture that would be lovingly bestowed on me by her!

Recently, she has become fascinated with my hair. I fail to understand why but its true. Whats also true is that as much as she enjoys it, I dont! Its painful…..for either of two alternatives take place at the end of such a play-session. Either, I lose atleast a dozen hair as she fiddles around with them. Or I lose alteast a dozen hair as I try to untangle them after she moves on to another play-item. Not to mention the pain. oh! the pain!!!
Maybe it was payback for teaching her(more like forcing her) words like “cool! headbanging! whats up!”

So I made up mind in that chotu-second. This time I would be strong. I will not give in to her cute dimpled smile. I will refuse to sacrifice my hair for her entertainment. Just I repeated these lines to myself for the second time, she said, “Hey you want a cooool hairstyle!” and grinned proudly at her use of the word for the first time ever.

So yeah, I let her kill some more of my hair – I was so proud of her use of the word in a sentence!


3 Responses to “Cool!”

  1. dieselnacht Says:

    she’s a ROCKSTAR! n she’s already doin hair n sayin ‘cool’. like a true weirdo! u a good traina, baby.

  2. Ajeya Says:


  3. Keren Nazareth Says:

    you’re going to be a great mommy… without a lot of hair on your head!!! LOL

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