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if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, find someone whose life gives you vodka, and have a party

She!! May 16, 2008

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He saw her lean across the table. Was it his imagination or did she just lean a little more than was necessary? He wasnt sure about this flashing bit but he definitely hadnt imagined the wink she had flashed at him earlier. The wink had caused the green olive in his drink to lodge itself in his throat. He wasnt entirely sure how it had happened but it was followed by 15 seconds of utter chaos with each guest trying to Heimlich him.

The entire evening felt quite chaotic to him. Her entry had started it. She walked into the room in a black dress with her hair flowing down to her shoulders. How the dress stayed on her was something he still hadnt figured out. It had no shoulders or back to speak of! What possessed her to wear a dress like that was a question he wasnt even attempting to figure out. Her smile, as she walked up to him, had caused his knees to melt. He hadnt know till then that this phenomenon occurred for the male species too. He recalled a flicker of …..he wasnt sure…. some sort of discomfort or unease…….when he introduced her to his date. His date was dressed in a fire-engine red-hot dress that caught your eye from a distance. Looking at the two of them together, he knew his date had probably put in more effort dressing up for the party. On the other hand, she looked the same – no make up other than her kajal, no jewellery other than her silver hoops. Yet she looked different………

He realised through the first course that he wasnt being an attentive date. He was more aware of her across the table than of his date on the right. He tried…….sincerely tried to divert his attention to the right. By the desserts, he thought he was succeeding but then he felt something touch his ankle under the table. She met his eyes, unblinking for the entire 10 seconds. It was like she was transmitting a message to his brain; their eyes the medium and he didnt want to break the connection. As her toes reached his knee, he excused himself from the table.

Walking away from the hosts and to the parking lot, he thought what the events of evening were about. His date seemed aloof and distant walking beside him. He didnt blame her. She, on the other hand, seemed so interested. He had given up hope in the last year. She had made it clear that she didnt want an ‘exclusive relationship’. If she could date three people at the same time as him, he decided he could too! His date tonight had been his first step at doing so. Had she realised it in some way? Was this her sign to him to not let go ………to hold on for a while?

He saw something on the ground shine as he climbed into his car. Picking it up he realised it was her silver hoop. On his right, in the distance he saw her car. It stood there,quiet and alone in the dark……with its passenger door open and waiting. He watched his date climb into his car and glanced back at her car wondering which road to take…………


5 Responses to “She!!”

  1. anar Says:

    well she wont move on and he will keep holding onto the silver hoops..OPPS! HOPE! 😉

  2. churningthewordmill Says:

    when will u get a blogroll??!?!

  3. Neeti Says:

    There you go Mandy!!
    Now can i breathe????

  4. churningthewordmill Says:

    OH MY GOD!!
    U ACTUALLY GOT A BLOGROLL!! I am speechless!!!
    the next comment from me, may take longet than usual… i need to recover first!:P

  5. churningthewordmill Says:

    ok..come back to give u a real comment…
    i liked the story.. i think u are good at fiction …may be u shud try ur hand at 55 fiction.. im sure u’l b good at it

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