life, lime and lemons

if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, find someone whose life gives you vodka, and have a party

Us June 5, 2008

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Because we havent yet met
Have only a glancing acquaintance
Are just crazy about each other
Havent seen each other in much too long
Are in some way related
Will never meet
But will,
I trust, despite that,
Always think fondly of each other “

Source: Gaiman


8 Responses to “Us”

  1. churningthewordmill Says:

    hmmm…nice piece… im wondering if it has a connection with ur life…

  2. N Says:

    🙂 you keep wondering and asking me that question for every post…..
    give up na! u know i never answer…

  3. Keren Nazareth Says:

    That’s overwhelming.

  4. Anil P Says:

    Maybe to think fondly of one another they might’ve to remain as acquaintances!

  5. Nishchal Shukla નિશ્ચલ શુક્લ Says:

    V nice! And that’s true…some people never answer 🙂

  6. churningthewordmill Says:

    and i never give up!!!!

  7. Keren Nazareth Says:

    I want more blogs.. get to work woman.. this laziness will not do.

  8. churningthewordmill Says:

    keren..u dont want more blogs…u want more POSTS…sorry, just had to correct u on that one!:P

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