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His Dancing Queen June 12, 2008

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He watched her from the dark corner. Other than the slight rise and fall of his chest, he was perfectly still. It seemed that his entire being was focussed on her. At the far end of the hall, she moved effortlessly through the air, through the music. His eyes followed her across the stage.

I doubt he felt my eyes on him. Even though I sat 13 rows away from where he stood, the intensity of his gaze was giving me the goosies. Did she not feel it? He definitely did not feel anything but her.

Her routine wasnt easy. She jumped high, was twirled around a dozen times, slid across the dance-floor umpteen number of times. Every second movement had her peers in the front row bursting into a cheer. This was just a rehersal, with a dozen people in the hall. I wondered what kind of buzz she would create when she stepped out for her final performance. She seemed so unaware of it though. She still seemed so unaware of him……….

He too stood there, not reacting to either her high jumps or her twirls – expressionless…….

As her routine ended, she hugged her partner and waved to the front row. Walking away from the stage, she stared into the darkness…..then came a slight tilt of her head and a slight smile. As the realisation struck me, I turned to look at him but he was gone. The corner was empty.

Picking up my umbrella, I walked out of the hall. The things that this city’s rain exposes you to. To escape it, I had run in… the hall, to an amazing performance, to an intense emotion, to complete devotion.

*to be continued…..


7 Responses to “His Dancing Queen”

  1. Keren Nazareth Says:

    oh my god!! you seem to have seen a lot in this ‘city’. Must say loved it!!! Wanted to read some more… wish someone looked at me that way.. *sigh*.. more than that I wish I could be twirled.. the day that will be possible.. hahaha…

  2. churningthewordmill Says:

    i dont like the “may be”….MAKE it continue…


  3. Nishchal Shukla નિશ્ચલ શુક્લ Says:

    good che..liked the last line. And as usual, “maybe not” 🙂

  4. churningthewordmill Says:

    @nishcha- dony give neeti space to wriggle out of “finishing” this story!!!

  5. Anil P Says:

    If her heel could turn on the strength of his gaze, there might just be a chance.

    For, on the stage under the lights, corners of uncertainity fear for their shadows!

    Lovely prose you strung out in your post.

  6. churningthewordmill Says:

    so u r doing part-2 of this or nt?

  7. N Says:

    Tch! give me a break. u cant force it. if it comes, it comes…..
    need to be inspired 😉

    Thanks,Anil and Nishchal.

    K, the twirling days are here 🙂 my guess.

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