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The Fair-Haired Vision June 18, 2008

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She stared at her reflection in the mirror. Tilted her head to the right and stared some more. Her fingertips ran across her cheeks. She had crow-feet surrounding her eyes. Her neck was wrinkly all over. Her hair had the salt-pepper effect. Age was definitely not on her side but beauty still was.

She walked around the room, brushing her long hair. Aimlessly, she walked from one corner of the room to the other. The only light in the room came from a hanging lamp. Her white gown shone in its dim light. A wooden bed covered one corner. One of the walls in the room was covered from ceiling to floor with books while the other wall was covered with photographs. She walked upto this wall and stood there staring at the photographs. Her fingers got to work again, touching photographs in random order. Now and then, the memory flickered its way on her face. A smile or a slight grimace gave away what she was thinking. She paused at one of the photographs for a long time. She took it off the nail on the wall and held it close to her chest. Her eyes closed and she was lost…………

As she escaped into her past, I stood there coming to terms with my future. Is this what I would be left with? A room full of the physical belongings while the emotional baggage was contained in photographs. As I sunk deeper into pity for her and myself, a shrill bell shook me up. With a sudden burst of energy that contradicted her entire being till that minute, she ran across to the door. She flung the photograph on the bed. Suddenly, there were loud voices, exclamations, laughter and three more women tumbled into the room. One of them walked straight towards the kitchenette and dumped the bags from her hand. One of them hugged the white-gown lady for what seemed a really really long time to me. The noise didnt seem to fade….. their voices became louder and words faster. A bottle of rum was pulled out. Chairs put close together. One of them messed around with a music system lying on the table. As she reached to get a Cd, her eyes fell on the bed. On the photograph. The others seemed to follow her gaze. Suddenly, there was silence.

No one spoke.
Instead, one of them reached over and squeezed the white-gown lady’s hand. For a second, she looked like she would cry but she threw her head back and laughed. She blew a kiss towards the photograph and suddenly, there was noise again.

A smile and a realisation grew on me. Picking up my umbrella, I walked out of the shade. The things that this city’s rain exposes you to. To escape it, I had run in… the shade, to an open window, to some scary questions and to really strong relationships.


6 Responses to “The Fair-Haired Vision”

  1. K Says:

    OMG.. for a second…. and still feels like it’s us. Somewhere in the future. You are getting awesome at this. I think u going to be famous writer and all.

  2. Nishchal Shukla નિશ્ચલ શુક્લ Says:

    Nicely written! Do continue this ‘To escape it, I had run in…’ series (not necessarily ‘parts’)…

  3. churningthewordmill Says:

    i like… u do the mystery bit well.

  4. N Says:

    Thanks! all those compliments … I am high and flying 😉

    hmm….my sequels are never that good….but Ill see if I can write some more of these….if its pops in my head, it will be on the blog!

  5. anar Says:

    mast hai… as i told you is quite similar to the film we made in col..

    anyways. please write more. i m sure pondi n the free wine tasting and all must have given you some more ideas????

  6. N Says:

    Freespirited ….so you know my name…but i dont know urs. so i aint publishing ur comments till i get some info!

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