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I wonder. Thats all. July 10, 2008

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“Isnt it strange? I just dont get it! How is it possible? And why is THAT not possible?” Ditzy shouted out these words to the others in the room. She dumped her bags and herself in the middle of the bed. I pulled my legs from where her bags had landed without lifting my eyes. The mystery in the old Brit thriller was unravelling at a fast pace and I didnt want to stop. I didnt hear Whazzy reply either – must be spaced out as usual. Ditzy’s monologue continued…….”how..why….i just dont get it!”

Flakie arose from her slumber on the floor, “What are you going on about? Did the auto-man come on to you again?” Whazzy giggled at that. Ditzy replied, “No!! My date came on to me!” I knew that must have confused Flakie and I was right. “But baby, isnt that the point of the date? One of you kids comes on to the other……and…”

Ditzy explained. “Well, this one I didnt like. Hence, the coming on I didnt like. When I met him at the supermarket, he looked so good that I thought my dreams had come true! But sitting across the table talking about the weather and him and him and some more talk of just him wasnt what my dreams were made of. Why cant they be like Booth? Did you see him last night……they sure showed a LOT of him!” Even I put my book down then and indulged myself in the sinful sweet memories of Mr.Booth from the night before. Putting the stop to each one’s indulgence, I asked, “So whats your point?”

Ditzy explained. Again. “I just find it so strange that there these guys we watch or even read about (pointing to my book) or even at rare times, know of……..who we think are sort of perfect. They are smart, sensible, fun, chilled out and look fine too. But we never seem to end up with a specimen like that. How is that? Why is that? Its not that I ask for a lot.”

Whazzy laughed at that. “You want someone to live up to your dreams and you say thats not a lot.” Ditzy face changed, from frustrated to serious. “But what are my dreams. What are yours? or hers? or hers? (wildly gesturing to the walls and the fan and us) All we want is a bit of sweetness and a bit of spice. Nice and fun. Its strange that we can do that but none of the men we know can. Why not?”

The conversation went on……
But I was stuck on the question.
Why not, indeed?

Dedicated to,
Mr Booth (for spoiling us for anyone else) &
Us (and more like us out there who wonder too)

3 Responses to “I wonder. Thats all.”

  1. inthecookiebox Says:

    ‘s well written, I think it needs a re-edit and a bit fleshing out of the thoughts.

    The topic is a good one to write about.

    Why not indeed? – Why not may be becoz it’s dreams. And may be we don’t look at how do we translate these dreams into reality. Another being the fact in dreams it all seems perfect anyways unless we have started seeing dispassionate ones! – which we call nightmares 0 LOL.
    If there are dreams that we see and think are pretty simple and not getting fulfilled then there is something in reality that we dont clearly see. May be its time to wake up! – It’s time to give urself a reality check and assess things(mostly humans – are there any??) and see how far away are they from the dreams that you see…

  2. Anil P Says:

    The price of reality, and the sacrifice of dreams 🙂

  3. K Says:

    Mr. booth, mr. booth.. where art thou, mr. booth??

    You pretty much said it right!

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