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So near yet ………….so far August 20, 2008

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She stood away from the crowd. Her trembling fingers ran through her hair. After years she had left them open. It had been an amazing experience when she stepped out of the plane. She had forgotten how it felt to have wind run through your hair, to have the sun sting your cheeks, to feel free………. she had forgotten a lot. She was now ready to relearn it all and unlearn the other stuff.

She hid her trembling hands within the folds of her shawl and took a couple of deep breaths. Even though she was a mess inside she was certain no one would notice it. If someone looked at her, they would see what she wanted them to see – a bored yet confident frequent flier. She had years of practice with the nonchalant look while her insides shook like jelly.

The sound of the conveyor belt jolted her out of her reverie. Her shawl slipped off her arms. She hurriedly covered them and looked around to check if anyone had noticed. She watched the crowd move closer to the belt in anticipation of their personal belongings. No one was paying any attention to her. She swung her backpack on her back and moved forward to look out for her bag. It was a small bag but extremely precious. All her belongings of 21 years were in it.

She stood there a long time. She stood there till she was the last person left. She stood there till the bags stopped coming. She felt the panic bubbling inside her. It threatened to explode and tear her apart. She watched the Airline Boy’s lips move but she couldnt hear a thing. Dark clouds were forming infront of her eyes. It had taken a lot out of her to come this far. It wasnt supposed to be this way……….

As she lost consciousness, her shawl slipped off her shoulder. She saw the Airline Boy’s eyes widen with shock and repulsion at the sight of her scars. It just wasnt supposed to be turn out like this………that was her last conscious thought.


8 Responses to “So near yet ………….so far”

  1. K Says:

    scars, scars… what scars.. you cant leave me hanging like that..write the next one NOW!!!

  2. Nishchal Shukla નિશ્ચલ શુક્લ Says:

    Ok. THEN?

  3. Gaurav Says:

    masocistic or sadistic……i guess we won’t know till the next post. 😛 . it is a rather creepy post though!

  4. N Says:

    hrmph! there is’nt a next post yet….. this is all my head came up with.

  5. Coffee Messiah Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you were able to enlarge the picture enough.

    This was an interesting read. And knowing someone with scars from being burned, I can imagine this going one way, but the illusion of inner scars going another.


  6. Cuckoo Says:

    Hmmmm… you write well.


  7. Free Spirited Says:

    you ramble well girl!

  8. N Says:

    Cuckoo and Freespirited, thanks!

    Coffee messiah, im leaving this open…..the scars here have a certain meaning for me but i dont want to dictate what it should mean to someone else reading this.

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