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The WHAT in the air now? August 25, 2008

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Someone shared this with me today at work. It was one of those random things you find when you are seriously researching an entirely different topic. A rather serious work-related topic. (I am sure it was) I doubt he thought it would lead to this post or well, the thoughts in my head.

“Love” is in the air, but nowhere in sight.”
Sad, unfortunate but rather true for the current times. I dont mean to spark off a debate on love. What I am wondering about isnt about love.

What I am saying is that no one seems to be having Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Affairs to Remember anymore. Now we think. We analyse. We reflect. That call, this mail, that gesture, this question…….should I? should’nt I? Whatever happened to saying as you felt it; doing coz you believed it; asking coz you wanted it?

Why can’t I see it anymore? Did the romance cease to exist in our world or have I become too blind?

8 Responses to “The WHAT in the air now?”

  1. Nishchal Shukla નિશ્ચલ શુક્લ Says:

    Get your nose checked…maybe u ll smell it 😀

  2. inthecookiebox Says:

    ha ha … well we can all smell. atleast i DO! 😀 all the time..
    I like the way it changes its color everyday and sometimes right in front of you staring in the mirror and sometime waiting for you in the last bite of someone’s plate…

  3. N Says:

    So you do see/smell, or lets say, sense it, Cookie? Then maybe its a personal issue. Maybe my senses have shut down. Maybe its just me….

  4. mirrorimage Says:

    I dont really think its you, i think its probably the way things are turning out there was a time when the affair that you had was the only other affair that you had, but now we are in the experiencing mode and the affairs dont really count cos they are all relative and this was better than that kind of thing happens to them. People believed in love because it didnt change its color as often before it was them who changed their colors with love. .

  5. Red Soul Says:

    oh my 🙂 wot a cool post. I’ve been thinking so much about this. A recent very short, very sweet, very disastrously ending love-affair later, I’m left pondering over whether it was supposed to be “a walk to remember” which he wanted, or “an affair to remember” which I wanted, very symbolic though. And these days, it keeps me awake and heartbroken to think why Rick let go of his love in Casablanca 😦
    okay, I know this isnt about classics, just about doing things now diferently. oh god help the romantic in me!

  6. Red Soul Says:

    i lik ur blog. full of honest emotions and expressions. clear writing!

  7. N Says:

    Red Soul, Thanks 🙂 maybe it is about classics. its been a while since i “aww-ed” over anything as i used over Darcy’s gestures/ looks/ words 😉

    Shash, do agree with the last line. not sure about the rest….

  8. Red Soul Says:

    I’m glad you liked the quote on my blog about “words”. u commented on it. Yeah, I aww less day by day.

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