life, lime and lemons

if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, find someone whose life gives you vodka, and have a party

Irony August 28, 2008

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He felt like his sister right now. He winced as soon as the thought popped into his head. Why in the world would a guy compare himself to his sister?! Trust him to come up with a “metaphor” like that. But he had seen her take ages to get dressed and always wondered what took her so long. He knew what it was now. The indecision, the uncertainity, the insecurity …….. it did take a lot of time to try on 10 shirts, reject them all and start all over again. He looked around his room and knew he was never making it to the party on time. His sister would kill him. He wasnt supposed to be on time, he was supposed to reach there before time.

The uncertainities had started when he had taken a look at the guest list. His sister wanted him to go through it once to ensure she hadnt forgotten any one. Half way through the list, he had frozen. No. 31. Thats where her name was. He hadnt thought of her in a long time, or so he liked to think. He definitely hadnt seen her in years. He definitely hadnt been pining for her all these years. He had moved on. And yet, he froze.

The knock on the door cut into this thoughts. He recognised the knock, his girlfriend. She walked in and silently surveyed the room. He shrugged, “Just one of those days when you cant make up your mind” She blew him a kiss, “If it helps, I think you look rather good in the shirt you have on right now” He decided to change it. Pulling on another shirt, he looked at her. She looked rather good too. She was rather good for him. What they had was nice.

Why was it then that he was having these mixed reactions about the party? He wanted to be there as soon as possible ……. to see her once again……. but he dreaded it too. What he had with her had been exciting.

He was quiet through the drive. She didnt bother with small talk, had probably guessed he had something on his mind. He wondered if there was something he wasnt doing enough……. was something lacking with them or was it that it was too early on and he should give it a chance. What was she thinking? Was it wierd that he didnt know that? Walking into the party, his eyes silently but franctically wandered around the room. It happened then………

He bumped into the waiter. A very colourful drink fell down the front of his shirt, leaving it completely ruined and him looking like a fool.


3 Responses to “Irony”

  1. inthecookiebox Says:

    Fab! – I can almost imagine you saying all of this to me. 😀

    I like the way your posts keep reflecting bits of your thoughts…

    I think the end needs a bit of the editing. Too much seems to be explained.. You should probably end it at “…he bumped in to a waiter; leaving a lot of things ruined, the shirt being the last on the list..”

  2. Red Soul Says:

    awwwwww 🙂 ruined his shirt while his eyes wandered. I dont mind being on your blogroll.

  3. Anil P Says:

    A moment I could imagine.

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