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if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, find someone whose life gives you vodka, and have a party

Turning 26…….. September 11, 2008

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(The plan is to reach 26 in this list too…….. I am sure I can do it on my own eventually but you can help me too with your ideas)

You know it’s that time again when you move “boxes” in those forms when…….
1. Your foot unconsciously slips into the comfy shoes instead of the stilettos

2. You are content watching “Bones” on your laptop for hours.

3. 3 drinks is all it takes to quench your weekend thirst

4. The chillout time after work is spent in silence, lying on your back (in a completely non-sexual way) and staring at the ceiling.

5. You prefer to be home on a Friday/Saturday night so you could just sleep (by yourself).

6. Within 40 minutes of dancing, all your muscles are awake and protesting.

7. You wonder for longer than 10 seconds if your midriff baring outfit will draw too much attention

8. You entertain the idea of stealing your best friend’s babygirl for longer than 20 seconds

9. You entertain your mother’s matchmaking suggestions for longer than 30 seconds

10. You pick up a magazine ‘coz the cover shouts out Secrets to your Youth

11. You buy the sensible inner wear over the flimsy lacey ones

12. You religiously follow your monthly investment plans

13. Your work to-do list is always longer than your personal to-do list

14. The post-dinner cuddles rather than the quickie in the restaurant’s loo make a lasting impression

15. You don’t seem to be surprised anymore at naughty things people do

16. Your only reaction to the nasty games people play is to roll your eyes

17. You still hope that the story about The One is true but you no longer really believe it is

18. You have found the answer to the question of 3 things/people you want when you are stuck at a deserted island

19. You worry if the chance you didn’t take was the last one you got

20. You are just so glad you met the people you did in your lifetime


7 Responses to “Turning 26……..”

  1. K Says:

    You know it when all your activist notions are about collaborating to make a better world.

    This one was inspired by Tempei

  2. K Says:

    you bang people over the head if they say anything related to the numbers 2 and six

    your age stays 24 for a couple of years

    A romantic evening is your feet soaking in a tub of warm water and salt

    The trip to the parlour is now only when it is dire circumstances

  3. K Says:

    Your idea of a party is six people with lots of alcohol and songs from the 80’s

    You do the girlee scream when you hear, “Girls just want to have fun.” And then sing along..

  4. N Says:

    😀 ill agree with most of these…except the girlie scream part. i dont do no girlie screams!! 😛

  5. lensightz Says:

    You know it when you smile and say what if 26,I can still randomly call a few friends and go hiking.

    When you watch the classic romances and say wish it was true,but the reel in the head hardly lives…phheewww

    When the concept of extremes r moderated 🙂

  6. Says:

    oops! looks like i missed an imp birthday..sorry!
    happy birthday, neets!

  7. anar Says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Hopefully the bright red coffee flask will accompany you to work and make you think of me!
    hopefully you will miss me as soon as the clock strikes 12(noon)
    Hopefully you will not party too hard without me..
    Hopefully the system will forget to send the birthday reminder email and noone will wish you tom at work!
    BTW happy birthday! (I will stick my face in every pic that you take from tonight – 12’o clock on 23rd night)

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