life, lime and lemons

if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, find someone whose life gives you vodka, and have a party

The Lady October 10, 2008

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She sank on to the lime-green bean bag. Stretched her legs and wiggled her toes. Exhaustion had crept into each part of her body – maybe even the roots of her hair. She dragged her body under the fan, messing with the beans in the bag. The unbalance in the bag pushed half her body on the floor. Shehad to admit the cool floor felt good!

She knew she wasn’t young anymore but dear God! She hadn’t imagined things would get like this. She hadn’t thought it was possible to be this tired after just three hours. What happened to those times where she had been able to do it all night long…..and still be back for more!

The past three hours had been hectic. Rough. Her hair was a mess. The muscles in her arms ached. She stretched them above her head. Arched her back to work out the knots. That’s when she noticed the grass stains on her tee. She decided not to bother trying to remember how they got there. It could all wait till the morning light. All she wanted now was a shot of rum and her own clean bed. These days she couldn’t crash just anywhere. She always had this urge to run back to her own clean bed.

That’s when the red buzzer went off again. A shrill siren filled the room.

She rolled her eyes. Sighed heavily for dramatic effect even though she knew all along she couldn’t ignore it. She had no choice.

She dragged her long limbs up from floor. As she reached for her red cape, she realised her grandmother had been right. There wasn’t enough superpower in the world to fight against time and age.

Fixing the cape around her shoulders, she slipped her feet into her red boots and twirled…………


4 Responses to “The Lady”

  1. Nishchal Shukla નિશ્ચલ શુક્લ Says:

    funny laga! (ofcourse after i came to know who She was :))

  2. K Says:

    Very nice. Go Superwoman go!! Get those muscles in gear!! There’s a long way ahead:)

  3. Coffee Messiah Says:

    Well, there’s simply a lot more of that stretching ahead than you think.

    And it gets better and easier actually ; )

  4. mirrorimage Says:

    Loved this one, came as a complete surprise , but i think the cape gave it away before the boots did.

    Brillliant , I see u showing some of ur superpowers now

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