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Old friendships October 13, 2008

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Communication, we are told, is the key to any relationship. Thats the advice I hear a lot too. For a successful relationship, communicate regularly.

And then there are those relationships that somehow survive without constant communication. How does that work? I dont quite know but I spent my Saturday afternoon with this fact.

I hadnt seen him in a very long time. Id bump into him online now and then and invites for coffee would follow. There was always a reason to not accept or take a raincheck. There was always somewhere else I had to be or something else I had to do. This weekend, though, I felt ashamed of the umpteen number of invites and declines. So I accepted.

I had 13 other things on my to-do list for the weekend. In my mind, I calculated and alloted time I thought would be enough to play catch up. The plan was made. And like most best laid plans, re-made.

I was there for hours. It wasnt just fun and it wasnt just playing catch up. It was definitely effortless.
The sun streamed into the room. The dog sat quietly at the foot of the bed. Music to movies to work to people to beliefs to values, we talked and discussed and argued. He made a joke when I was leaving, “Ill probably see you months from now…..” and maybe that is true and time will pass and things will change but (and cliche as it sounds) I do know that some things will still be the same.

9 Responses to “Old friendships”

  1. weedy Says:

    communication is highly over-rated. only trooly lucky people have friends who don’t need to be constantly assured of the fact that they’re friends. hooray for effortless friendships. they rock.

  2. N Says:

    🙂 im sure you can read between the lines……coz the lines in this post, baby, could be about *ahem* some other friendships too.

  3. K Says:

    true. effortless friendships. that is what is required

  4. weedy Says:

    true friends would also go and watch karz with their other true friends cuz its got red disco balls and silver and gold jumpsuits and shiny burning guitars and also because it says ‘VENGEANCE IS BACK’. come on, come on…give it a go…

  5. K Says:

    troo friends would never ask their other troo friends to undergo the torture of watching himmesh resham in his Vengeance is Back role… or any for that matter…

  6. N Says:

    true friends would also know that asking their other true friends to sit through a himesh reshamiya movie (sober!!!!) is troooooly over the top.

  7. Says:

    darlin’ if it was effortless, it was beautiful!
    with some ppl is always like this…distance, time dont matter… u just “connect”…there no way to explain it, it just happens that way.

  8. Coffee Messiah Says:

    Sometimes, personal relationships need both or all people to be on the same wave length, but how can that happen, when we’re truly different.

    The sage knows, when you don’t “force” something, anything can happen and usually does….

    Cheers 2 U ! ; )

  9. Just call me 'A' Says:

    hmmmm…nice thought! lucky are those that find relationships that need no constant communication to survive. I think probably in everyone’s lives we have that one person we share such a bond. i know i do 😉 and so it appears that you too.

    cheers to the effortless relationship!


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