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if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, find someone whose life gives you vodka, and have a party

The X Factor October 23, 2008

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It’s a strange relationship. In fact, you may cringe at calling it a relationship too. It was a connection that you shot down and yet there is a link left over.

It’s a strange relationship. No matter how mutual the decision was, in the end both parties grumble. Bitterness, hurt, grief, anger, disbelief, uncertainity – it brings along a lot of such feelings with it.

Ambiguity is what defines this relationship.

Is it friendship? Is it possible to get it there?

I have seen some people try too hard. An absolute disassociation is not possible for them. For some people, it’s the only option.

At times, inspite of sincere efforts, it’s difficult to be friends. I doubt that even our closest friends know us that intimately. The times you let your guard down was in the sanctuary of that relationship. Those times won’t disappear.

One of the stranger attributes I have seen is that in the middle of the most inane conversation, those times make an appearance.

Stranger yet is how in the middle of the most inane conversation, those images appear. Rather pornographic images those. And you pray to the Almighty that your face doesn’t reflect the thoughts. Its not you miss it or you want it again anymore. It’s just …………that you know you had it once.

The times you shocked me, the times you surprised me. The times you made me wonder and think. The times when you took all my calls no matter where you were or what you were doing. The times I bit you and you bit me back. The times when you did the things you didn’t really want to.
Will the cloud over those times ever fade away?
Now you just say, Oh Romeo yeah,
I used to have a scene with him…..
(Source: Dire Straits)

4 Responses to “The X Factor”

  1. K Says:

    Yes the cloud will fade. Time will make it fade, if not disappear altogether.

  2. Anil P Says:

    It’ll fade only when newer clouds are blown that way.

  3. Cuckoo Says:

    Yea, the clouds will fade away and a cool strong wind will do it.


  4. Viks Says:

    “….in the middle of the most inane conversation, those times make an appearance…those images appear” true..We think we can handle our life as we like it.But those images,places,events talk make an appearance unannounced and uncontrolled.Man is so feeble a being.Cud relate to ur post.So jst commented.

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