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Dear Agony Aunt October 27, 2008

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At 16, I was pretty sure that within the next 10 years I would understand the mysteries of the world. I have this memory of standing at the airport, staring at a group of 25 year olds. They looked so sorted and sure of themselves – like they had defeated the monsters of their worlds. Unfortunately though, the answers havent come to me during the past decade. With a glimmer of hope, I write to you.

How is it that we are able to order something special online, with blind faith, about its quality but unable to reach out to what’s in front of us with that same faith?

Why is it that the want for more never ends? If we are content with what we got, is it a compromise with life? Is compromise a bad deal to make?

Why is it that the same road seems rockier to the other than its seems to us? How does a picture’s simplicity seem so obvious to us and not to the other?

How do we let go of something we never had? How do we ask for something we know we will never get?

Does it make sense to make an effort to achieve some thing? If its truly meant to be, should it be an effortless achievement?

I do pray hard every night for enlightment within the next decade but it would make my life easier at this moment to know the answers. These puzzles lead to sleepless nights and I sure like my sleep. So be a good aunt and answer.

Yours truly,
A hopeless solver of the mysteries.


12 Responses to “Dear Agony Aunt”

  1. Does it matter Says:

    Oh but you are referring to matters of happiness & contentedness.. especially re wants/ compromise, and
    effort/ achievement.

    Maybe something to do with MAslow's hierarchy of needs. And different needs depending on where you have evolved/ reached individually.

    Re: the rockier road/ picture, I guess its about perspective??

    Re: praying for enlightenment, I like the analogy. It would have been nice right, if exactly 10 years after the day at the airport, you had a "poof" explosion, with a lot of light, and the vision came over…??!!

    Too bad, but maybe its like the light at the end of the tunnel.. as you will near the end, the darkness will disappear, little by little.. anyway, atleast you are on the path (or in the tunnel, depends how u look at it) -some dont even ponder on these topics


  2. Red Soul Says:

    Where was the flight heading from the airport when you were 16? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m curios LOL. Coz my first flight was to NYC directly n that too at old-age 18 :p

  3. Red Soul Says:

    I m commenting on this post by some heavy lines or answers because you have directed this letter to an aunt. May be if you began the letter addressing some chic chick ๐Ÿ˜‰ am in a weird funny mood today I guess to be posting such comments :p

  4. Chrisann Says:

    dear N,
    I’ve met the person I wna to spen the rest of my life with after many break up’s
    hang in there any don’t compromise

  5. Just call me 'A' Says:

    “If we are content with what we got, is it a compromise with life?”
    —–No! if you are content with what you have then it cannot be a compromise, because being content signifies that you’ve got what you wanted. we make compromises when we’re short of contentment.

    “Why is it that the same road seems rockier to the other than its seems to us? How does a picture’s simplicity seem so obvious to us and not to the other?”
    —–hmmm on the contrary it’s the reverse for me

    “How do we let go of something we never had? How do we ask for something we know we will never get?”
    —–if you find the answer to this one…let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

    and when you’re praying for that enlightment, whisper one for me too ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Coffee Messiah Says:

    word veri: liess ! ; (

    Today at work I listened to The Art Of Happiness by the Dalai Lama. I just lent the Tao Of pooh to a co-worker……and although I’m a fossil compared to you, the search is infinite and what you believe and feel is important can change through time.

    Some instinctively understand much at an early age, others later, others not at all.

    I enjoy getting older, and am only sorry that some thoughts and ideas I’ve come to learn and understand now, I didn’t earlier.

    But hey, here I am and it’s all good.

    Better now than 6 ft under! ; )


  7. N Says:

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ my letter actually got me some answers…or well, views to think about.

    Red, i think i was at the airport, heading to the south india for a family vacation…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. churningthewordmill Says:

    here’s my two pence..lemme see if I can help.(Qs have been answered in the order in which they have appeared on the post)
    a-because we for some stupid reason trust the internet a lot more than we shud? If it looks ok on the web, we tell our selves it is ok. Also may be we are a little scared of approaching whatโ€™s in front of us.
    b-when want for more never ends, its probably greed. Being content is not a compromise. You cant keep running after things all your life- it will exhaust u. you set a rational, thought out, doable limit for urself and then set out to attain that. And after that, it kinda makes sense to stop for a whileโ€ฆmaybe reassess things and then decide if you want to โ€œwantโ€ some more.
    c- the same road is rockier to others coz we are different ppl- we cope with situations differently, our problem solving abilities vary as does are ability to take all the crap that life throws at us time and again.
    d- we ask for things we know we wont get, coz we realllllly want themโ€ฆand when we realllly want something, we throw rationale outta the window! Letting go of what we truly never is generally easy.
    e-it totally makes sense to work for achieving something. You wud like to get things on a platter today but try that for ten consecutive days, and u would be bored out of your mind. Human beings need to have something to do. Plus nothing in life comes without effort. I think even the Gita says something to that effectโ€ฆ(but donโ€™t quote me on it, I may be wrong!)

  9. Red Soul Says:

    oh ok ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. weedy Says:

    1. i got lotsa blind faith if they’re going to make internet people i can order to my specifications.
    2. compromises suck. the more you make them, the smaller they make your soul feel. and if you make too many, your soul goes poof! and you turn into a compromise zombie.
    3. cuz people are different. and the inside of other people’s heads are like alien landscapes which you will never understand.
    4. you never let go of things you don’t/can’t have and you never stop asking for things you know you’ll never get. the economy of our species is built upon this premise.
    5. if you get out of bed, it means you have no choice but to make an effort however minuscule.

    we’re nothing like the dreams we have of ourselves. none of us. but not to worry, you’re in good company.

  11. Nandini Says:

    I know this is an old post, but I just started reading your blog and came on this post which is so relateable(not a word technically), I wouldn’t have felt right not commenting. My friend was just talking about this, about the satisfaction vs drive aspect, the need vs want dilemma ๐Ÿ™‚
    And wanting what you can’t get is what dreams are made of, isn’t it? Doesn’t have to be necessarily unattainable.
    I always envy people who sail through life with a firm purpose,knowing exactly what they want, while I mumble ‘Why me?’ ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And nothing, but nothing is effortless achievement(except sleeping), I’ve learnt this the hard way(not the sleep part, that was easy ;P). But it was a good lesson. It’s about sticking to it even though it may not seem likely that you will succeed but you try anyway.

    And I can tell you that I started praying for enlightenment when I was 15. Eight years later, I’m still looking. I listen to songs in my search for answers and sometimes, it eases the tension in my heart and the restlessness in my soul. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Vienna by Bily Joel.
    Baz Lurhman’s ‘Everybody’s free to wear Sunscreen’ (More like a whacky monologue than a song)
    and Banwara Mann – Swanand Kirkire.
    I’m sure you’ve heard, doesn’t hurt to refresh memory

  12. N Says:

    Nandini… ๐Ÿ™‚ cant help wondering how you reached this post on your first visit here. those songs…hmmm…:) you are right about the effects they have. thanks for sharing your views and for stopping by. maybe life is refered to as a journey coz the hunt for the answers never ends.

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