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No Title November 11, 2008

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Things happen around us. Rarely do they not affect us. Sometimes, a part of us is damaged – altered – changed. No matter what replacement we find for that part, the loss of the original part will always remain. We lose a view. We gain a perspective. We move from one point to another point. Each point as temporary as the last. Until of course the end point.

That makes me question what value each of these points have anyway. ‘Coz at the end point it doesnt seem to matter. I dont see a point to any of these points.

A cigarette left unstubbed took away yet another friend. Earlier, a car took away one. What are these freak accidents about? How do you make sense of them?

So many things seem so trivial now. It seems like such a waste……


7 Responses to “No Title”

  1. anar Says:

    I think it’s to tell you that every minute you spend is probably the last one and it should make you smile or someone else…
    That every little word that you type, every time you look up, every time you write, every time you look you could have made a difference…
    If someone had done what they were destined for may be they were asked to move on..

    we are here – still looking for answers – still figuring out and let’s not leave anything to fate..

  2. Just call me 'A' Says:

    when we loose someone special or something that means a lot, everything else seems trivial. but such is life. a constant circle of change. But we also learn to appreciate things and people around us better. i guess it’s the way of the world.

  3. Does it matter Says:

    The journey versus the destination question.. My take (easy to philosophise, so I'm doing that!):
    Its really the journey that matters, not the destination. Because one way u look at it – death is the only finality/ destination. So its really how u live & love that matters.

    Re: the unfortunate incidents, so true. I think it shakes yr belief in god if you are a believer (and reinforces them if you are an atheist)

    Oh & btw, nice prose in the post.

  4. N Says:

    Anar, questions like how do you figure out what your destiny is? and if everything is pre-destined, how much control do i have over it? …such questions i still ask but thanks for answering some.

    ‘a’, yes, its amazing how the equation changes in the aftermath of such incidents.

    DIM, i keep wondering if the journey matters too. one of these ppl was sincere, full of life, hard working, no vices, straightlaced – the other complete opposite – took things for granted, brilliant, wild…..their journey as different from one as the other and yet…..
    and thanks.

  5. Red Soul Says:

    oh god. my condolences. 😦

  6. K Says:

    there are some answers no one can find. we can only speculate. I think its the lives we need to celebrate! our lives included. Everyday.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    There is no point called an end point. If there is, how do you know its the point where everything ends?

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