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Terror, Anger, Pain November 28, 2008

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There are so many things about the Bombay incidents that are upsetting me. These acts of violence make no sense. When did violence become a means to anything? I am sure no country, no religion, no caste, no community preaches that. Innocent people are losing their lives for a propaganda that doesnt make much sense to me. For land? For power? For money? Is any of that really worth that much?

The images of those young boys. Does it not disturb you to imagine that the youth today thinks that they need to resort to these acts to achieve something? I dont want the young anywhere in the world to believe that.

As a country, we obviously are not prepared for any kind of crisis management. Lets not pretend otherwise anymore. Acts of terrorism are, I admit, are difficult to prevent. But can we not be prepared to help those who get caught in these random acts? I refuse to believe that a group of people who have the resources of the entire country at their disposal cannot build an infrastructure/an efficient team to manage crisis. I understand that I am as much to blame as the system for a situation like this. I never pushed the system. I never expected anything of the system. I never questioned the system.

Images that disturbed me some more were of the people standing behind the camera at some of these locations smiling and waving at the camera. They pushed each other to get into the frame. Do we, as a country, also lack sensitivity? What is with the people posting minute-to-minute updates of the security personnel’s movements inspite of the police asking us not to?

I also didnt quite understand the media’s coverage of it. When you show us how many security people got into the hotel from “this exact spot”, you are not only showing it to us. Do they realise that? If sitting at home, I can see that….how can these very smart people who are in the line of responsible journalism not be able to see it? I dont even see a difference between them and the political class whom they are always dissing. The politicians talk, gain popularity based on whatever factors, dont do much later. How different are our media channels? Are they also not trying the same thing with us? Gaining popularity through “exclusives” by pushing their cameras and mikes in the faces of hostages who are breathing fresh air for the first time in 16 hours! That Polish guy seemed more sensible and insisted that he had promised the cops to not say anything. But that did not stop the lady journalist,from one of the more popular newschannels, to chase him with her questions. What made my temper hit the roof was when I saw a newschannel flashing images of the entire situation with a dramatic background score and believe it or not, but with a brand of HANDYCAMS advertisement on the side. God forbid anyone loses an opportunity to make some money out of this!

I am no one to preach anyone else. I lead a selfish life to. I look after myself and my own. But everytime I think about the staff at the hotels going about their work as usual or families out for dinner or people catching a train to get back home to their families – it upsets me. The acts were wrong. The fact that we couldnt help a lot of them is wrong. I want to know how to make it right. I need to know that we can make it right.


7 Responses to “Terror, Anger, Pain”

  1. K Says:

    Considering we discussed this last night, and now you’re putting these thoughts out there. I have thought, long and hard… I think we live in this shell- this cant happen to us. With this attitude we will never be prepared, never ready.

    About the insensitivity… its completely pissing off.

  2. lensightz Says:

    The saddest bit is we are getting immune to it,somewhere deep inside we r saying, this too shall pass. But it disturbs me as an individual just to write emails, sms es,petitions.
    There has to b something more,I do not know what the more is. All I know is human lives have a value.
    The system has to be deconstructed and then reconstructed again.
    Its a never ending area of living in quicksand.
    What next?

  3. N Says:

    lensightz, thats what i need to figure out. why do i always turn around and bounce back from these incidents instead of questioning the system…..

    K, agree with u too. also, as long as it doesnt affect us, most of us block it all out. we dont realise that when it happens to someone far away, its just as bad.

  4. Does it matter Says:

    Yes, N. You know, the past few days, I have deliberately refrained from blogging and commenting on blogs..

    But yr post was like you had read my mind. Most of what you have written, is also what has made my blood boil the past few days.. and the way you feel is so much the way I do, too.

    In fact at point of time, looking at the media coverage, it felt that we an uncivilised and a third world country. No empathy, so many people out on the streets just to catch the tamasha, the media channels only wanting their TRP ratings up.

    More importantly, every one is calling the operation a success today. How is it a success when the hostages were not saved, and when the terrorists were not captured alive for interrogation.

    Where are our damn priorities?

  5. Red Soul Says:

    yes. good to have a realistic post about the inability of the country to tackle such a situation. Ridiculous! the security the policemen/top-cops had to fight with the terrorists! Do they even call it a “Security” and an “anti terrorism squad”. Encounter cops went in without any security/life jackets and got killed. no heroism in it, only under-preparation to handle such a situation.

  6. churningthewordmill Says:

    interesting thots neets, i have similar ones on this issue…so i put them up in a post as well.
    loads of ppl are questioning the media…and whether they have in fact been irresposible by “over” covering the event..

  7. Anjuli Says:

    I’ve thought often about what you said about the media–how they show things to us that can also be seen by those who shouldn’t be seeing this information– as it could be a security risk. I’ve often wondered about how they justify this (the media- I mean).

    I pray we NEVER become immune to this- we never just take it as ‘another day’ but realize this should be the exception and NOT the norm!!

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