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Hey, hey, hey….whats going on….Part 1 December 9, 2008

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She stretched her legs, arched her back against her chair and rolled her neck. When her eyes hit the cubicle on her right, she saw him staring at her. A raised eyebrow, she mouthed a “what?” to him.

She paid the cafeteria man. Picking up her lunch tray from the counter, she turned around. She saw him looking at her. He sat at a table towards the door. A hesitant smile.

She ran in from the rain, hoped she hadnt ruined her new kurta. As she skidded to a stop near the elevator, she saw him staring at her. He stood in a corner, away from the crowd. A soft ‘good morning’.

Rushing out of the Meeting Room, she headed straight to the cubicle she shared with her 3 team-mates. She was angry, upset and sad. She sat at her table, composing herself and succeeded. Her team-mates didnt realise anything. 10 minutes later, a mail popped up from him. “You okay? Look upset.”

Naturally, she wondered what was going on. From just raising her eyebrow and forgetting all about him, she now gave him some thought. Should the “issue” be addressed or with time, would the winds change direction all on their own? Clearing the air has its own benefits. On the other hand, ignorance brings with itself a certain kind of bliss. She chewed on her pencil and asked herself for the 33rd time that month, “whats going on?”


12 Responses to “Hey, hey, hey….whats going on….Part 1”

  1. Just call me 'A' Says:

    wow..i can almost see it. if it was’nt for the little soft gestures at the end, it would have almost been spooky.

  2. N Says:

    🙂 im still trying to make up my mind about the spooky, weird, nice bit…..lets see how the story pans out.

  3. Cuckoo Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    A big wide smile on my face. So familiar…

    Waiting for next part.

  4. Red Soul Says:


  5. Just call me 'A' Says:

    hey…here to tell you that you’ve been tagged 🙂

  6. Anjuli Says:

    it makes me want to read part 2

  7. Says:

    and i am asking myself the same thing “wats going on?where is this story leading me?!”

  8. N Says:

    😀 you guys make me and my story feel so ‘wanted’ after your comments.

    so then, lets see about part 2…this weekend the story was moving ahead in my head. should fin time to put it down here soon!

  9. Red Soul Says:

    hi N, if you have a Facebook profile, can we be friends there? 🙂

  10. N Says:

    Red Soul – HOW do i leave you a message? u disabled comments!!
    But the answers to your questions, Yes and Yes 🙂 Can you send your details so i add you….wont publish the comment so the secret is safe with me 🙂

  11. I scribble here Says:

    so whats going on eh?:)
    i want to know what happens after the interval!!

  12. K Says:

    oooh very nice faffer… lol.. so the soft good morning and the you ok… that’s kinda nice aint it? ;))

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