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Hey, hey, hey….whats going on….Part 2 December 24, 2008

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She stared at the mug of coffee on the counter. She had been standing in the pantry for the past 30 minutes, most of which she couldnt recall. And now she couldnt even remember whether she added sugar to her coffee or not! Frustrated with herself, she put the spoon down on the counter. It was too close to the edge and it dropped to the ground. She rolled her eyes. Work is going to drive her crazy. They were making her mad. Maybe that is their plan!!! As she bent over to pick up the spoon, a shadow fell on her. Free coffee for the correct guess on who that is likely to be! She turned around and couldnt resist smiling. Well then, free coffee it is!

He smiled at her and bend down to pick up the spoon for her. For the past couple of weeks, they had been dancing on the edge, making small talk. She enjoyed their harmless chit-chats but for some reason was unable to take it forward. She knew her hesitancy hadnt been unnoticed by him so she was surprised when he asked her out then. More out of surprise than anything else, she agreed. Dinner it was. And it was fun! She thought later that night. Maybe……its not so bad. he’s not so bad…..

The one dinner, turned to two and three before the idea of a weekend trip came up. Her old but not completely forgotten issues of trust and relationships haunted her. Did she dare this time? Coz it felt different. Its so comfortable with him and fun. Maybe its time to let go…..

Let go she did and they made the most of their weekend trip. Still glowing and under the spell of the holiday bliss, she walked in to an important meeting a week later. She walked out of that meeting completely shattered. She couldnt believe he had turned against her work in the meeting. He had taken her ideas and used it against her. He had taken her confidences in him and attacked her. She had never imagined that he had could be so mean and low!

How could she blame anyone else though? She had walked into it with her eyes open. She had opened up to him on her own will. She had trusted him under no compulsion. She had believed that this was something they both wanted. It didnt matter what his reasons were for starting this in the first place. The problem was that she trusted and she believed. Things that earlier had no meaning in her life.
She took a deep breath. She knew she couldnt hide in her house forever. The sick leave had to end soon. If/when she saw him ever again, she was going to be back in that safe place – the one that wasnt open to anyone. Yes, thats the best way!


10 Responses to “Hey, hey, hey….whats going on….Part 2”

  1. Nishchal Shukla નિશ્ચલ શુક્લ Says:

    Pehli baar part 2 aaya! And 2 din ho gaye koi comment nahi!?

  2. Just call me 'A' Says:

    hey, wishing you a very happy new year.
    have a rocking year


  3. Anjuli Says:

    Wishing you a happy new year. You are such a great writer- I love reading your work!! It reads easily and pulls me into the middle of what you are writing.

  4. Coffee Messiah Says:

    Always enjoying your creativity ; )

    Thanks & Cheers!

  5. N Says:

    A, wish you the same too 🙂

    Anjuli, thanks! your comment has given such a sweet start to my year! A very happy new year to you too.

    Coffee Messiah, best wishes to you too….and thanks 🙂

    will get around to your blogs to deliver best wishes personally soon!

  6. Mrinalini Says:

    Happy New Year !!
    btw, i often wonder, and reading your post reaffirms my thought, why does it almost always end up this way…why do we open up just to close down forever…ironical how the best things hurt the most..

  7. N Says:

    Mrinalini, look at human nature though. no matter the hurt, we always risk stepping out again. we always open up, hesitantly but we are ready to take a chance….

  8. Says:

    arre! where did my comment go!?bloggers is weird…shift to wordpress!!

  9. Neo Amaan Says:

    good story…keep it going, i wanna read more !

  10. Just call me 'A' Says:

    what an asshole. i did not wnat to abuse on 1st Jan hence left without commenting on teh post but this when i read it again i just could not resist it.

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