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Things are forever; Relationships are not January 20, 2009

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She sat in the middle of the room. Her cupboard was open. Its drawers were no longer in their original place. They sat next to her in the middle of the room. The cupboard was almost empty, what with all its content strewn across the room. All the clothes were piled up in the right corner of the room. They were not random piles. Each pile stood for something specific.

The 1st pile was her work clothes. The 2nd pile were her party clothes (the push-tush! parties) It was a small pile. The 3rd pile was again party clothes (the cool parties where jeans is allowed) The pile was taller than the last two piles. The last two piles had been messed up. Probably because they were the tallest and had collapsed under their own weight. She made no attempt to straighten them out.

Towards the left corner of the room were her photo albums. She grew up in the digital-less age. So yeah, she had a huge collection of hardcopies of her pictures. They were too many to count. She had spent a lot of time going through them. Some brought a smile to her face, some brought tears and some made her grimace (no one born in that generation seemed to have any fashion sense, did they!?) She was not occupied with these though at that moment.

The reason she sat there still and unmoving was a purple box. The purple colour was dark and deep. She found it in one of the drawers, hidden under her blue scarf. The blue scarf had elicited a loud scream of joy. She had been looking for it forever. She promised herself at that minute that she would get herself to “spring clean” every month. She spent an hour posing in front of the mirror with her blue scarf. A head band, a bandana, a belt…..and of course, wrapped it around her neck in various styles. When she returned to her sitting position in the middle of the room to check what other wonderful items the drawer held, she found the purple box.

After spending 10 minutes frozen from shock (because she had forgotten all about it for a while) she traced the silver lining on the box with her finger. 10 minutes were then spent contemplating whether she should open it. Her memory was not that bad. She knew what the purple box held. She remembered what it looked like. And she remembered how much she loved it. There was a reason why she had thrown it at the back of the drawer. As much as she liked it, it had started to suffocate her. The reason under which it had come into her possession had died. It no longer existed. It seemed like this…….obligation…… she was under. She had thought about returning it then. Not out of anger. Not out of spite. Just because there was no longer a reason for it. She doubted whether others would have understood her action. So she hadnt returned it. She had forgotten about it.

Deep breath and she flipped the box open. There it lay. Still as perfect. Still making her smile. She pulled it out. Contemplation overtook her again. She wondered about her next action. Should she? Shouldnt she? Walking to the mirror, she put it on. It still looked absolutely cool. Its a thing. An item. It doesnt breathe. It doesnt think. She realised it was in her power to attach to it whatever emotion, feeling, adjective she wanted. Otherwise, it was just a thing.

She walked back to her position in the middle of the room. She smiled and stared down at it.

Moving on to the next drawer, she realised the moral of the story.
Things are forever….relationships are not!


7 Responses to “Things are forever; Relationships are not”

  1. Just call me 'A' Says:

    hmmm…all along i’ve always believe it to be the other way round. In fact I still believe it the other way round. But reading this brings back some memories of few ‘things’ that I have that are still with me but the relationship that defined those ‘things’ are no more. πŸ™‚

    good one.

  2. weedy Says:

    the lord of the things. (sorry…i get distracted easily.) this answers the question i was wondering whether to ask or not. i didn’t ask because i had no idea whether it was just a thing or more than a thing. it’s a good thing it’s just a thing.

  3. Red Soul Says:

    haanji, things are forever. When I was trying to sort my stuff out, all the old things came up. That pink top that my then BFF gifted me, and now it reminds me of her and the times we spent out together hanging out with other friends, and now she and me dont even talk – things came between us, and the distance between the cities. And then there are so many things like this. And so many relationships, friendships….

    That stupid teddy bear that he gifted me. It had such a story behind it! and the music that sealed that whole gift-giving thing. And now, just the memories.

    BTW, “the persistence of memory” is a painting I’ve put on as my display pic on gtalk πŸ™‚

    Sorry I couldnt reply on FB, I got on it just to add u πŸ™‚

  4. K Says:

    I recently had a similar experience, two things, one was this lighter from the 2002 football worldcup and the other was one of the first perfumes I ever owned, now both relegated to the deepest recesses of my cupboard! both meaningless now.

  5. Coffee Messiah Says:

    I’ve found that getting rid of those things after some time is easy, never worried about having them back.

    It’s the memories that linger that come back sometimes when you least expect them, that I’d like to be able to lose ; (

  6. Says:

    lol… very interesting point of view neets! as always!:D

  7. I scribble here Says:

    beatiful..really liked it
    i am sure reading this would remind everyone of something at some point in time.. it certainly reminded me of something from someone who i have no contacts with anymore
    on a different note altogether, my pile of clothes would look just the same if categorised that way πŸ™‚

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