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All that glitters is not gold January 30, 2009

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I knew this couple in college. They were so good together, so right.

Both of them were of average height. He was a couple of inches taller than her. Most of the girls on campus would sigh when they would cross paths with the couple. They seemed that good together. She was hot. He was rather cute too.

We saw them breakfast together in the dining hall. We saw them take walks till late in the night. He would go crazy looking after her when she was sick or hurt. She would walk around the hostel with a smile and you knew that she had been with him.

Their families, however, weren’t smilign about their relationship. In fact, that generated a fair bit of drama. The two of them were so sure about each other, highly committed and passionate about each other…..their families never stood a chance against them.

One of the strangest things about them was that there was absolutely no ill-feeling towards them. You know how there are these oh-so-sweet couples that make you cringe or these over-the-top couples that make you want to bop them over their heads……… they somehow just generated smiles wherever they went. Some wished to be like them, some wished to have what they had and some wished them all the luck in the world. They even had cynics like me awww-ing with wishful thinking.

We graduated and soon after, the news of their marriage came in. I remember being pleased about it for some strange reason. I wasn’t in touch with them but through friends, news would filter in. He left for places abroad to study while she stayed back in the country to pursue her dream.

Last night, I heard they split up and my mind is still grappling with that bit of news. He mailed her from whatever part of the world he was in and called it quits.

How do things go from being so good to that bad? How do you know there is nothing left to fix and call it quits? He, apparently, didnt do this in a very polite manner. I cant understand why he would, even if he had to option but to walk away, say the things he did? He could have just walked away but now he leaves her with all this baggage.

Various other thoughts rush through my mind but the strongest is the realisation is that nothing really is as it seems.


7 Responses to “All that glitters is not gold”

  1. Says: sucks man..

    gimme a hint, gimme a hint… i have got to know these going out of my mind guessing..

  2. Anjali Says:

    i totally get what you are trying to say…i also happen to know such people..such people who were together and seemed perfect for each other and the entire world thought they would end up together BUT they didn’t. And then there are those who are least likely to end up together and yet they do…


  3. I scribble here Says:

    i left a comment on this post LONG back!wheres it vanished? haw!
    and hey, update woman!

  4. Anjuli Says:

    I was wondering WHERE in the wild you are?? Now you’ve got me curious. Don’t stay away too long.

  5. Just call me 'A' Says:

    babes…have put the campaign link in my blog and am sending pics cause the distance factor is preventing me from sending teh actual piece. you guys are doing a great job..keep it up.

  6. N Says:

    Mandy, like i said earlier 🙂 this post wasnt to gossip. Dont know whether she wants it to be talked about….sorry ya!

    Anjali, ‘life’ is right. strange it is.

    Scribbler 😦 tell me again what u said. i never got no comment from u before!

    Anjuli, i guess some of my upcoming posts will tell u where i was 🙂 am back but still not back, if u know what i mean.

    A, yay!!!!!

  7. K Says:

    not everything is what it seems.. I have been there done that, been part of an almost perfect happy ending.. and then it ended.. so ya.. life is such!!!

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