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Main yahan hoon February 10, 2009

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I had forgotten how much fun ‘rough-it-out’ travel can be. For a while now all my travel involved flying – quickest, safest and (relatively) smoother mode of travel. I missed out on a lot of things as I was cocooned in this metal cage that took me from point A to point B. Things that exist between these destination points, people and events that occur during the transit from A to B. The recent trip gave me a chance to relive that, to come back with stories galore!

The places I visited were different from what is ‘home’ to me. But none of them felt strange. As the trip drew to a close, a sense of loss enveloped me. Its been two days since homecoming but I am still not quite here.

One of the most important things for your travel to be a success (and you will all agree here) is a compatible travel companion. My ‘travel buddy’ and me arent exactly similar people. But there is something about this absent-minded, always day-dreaming, game for anything girl that made the trip super fun. (except when the hunger pangs hit her coz then either you fed her or ran for your life)

The trip was hectic and fast. The travel almost killed us. It started with a train ride that lasted 8 hours for a journey to a village that is 4 hours away by road. The next travel mode was a roller coaster bus ride in the middle of the night through the Aravalli Hills halfway through which I lost feeling in my fingers and nose. If the ride had been any longer, the cold would have eventually taken over my entire body!

The last leg of it involved a flight from Delhi in which you would imagine nothing could go wrong. Then I would say you have not been to Delhi airport. The flights kept getting delayed and the airport ran out of chairs for all us poor souls waiting. After maintaining a standing position for 30 minutes, I gave up. I spread a newspaper in one corner and sat down cross-legged. I think I embarrassed the million people (it sure felt like it!!) in the airport for within 20 minutes of my cross-legged position a cop gave up his chair for me. He dragged it across the room and asked me to take it. Which I did for 15 minutes ‘coz then I saw a young mother juggling her baby. I returned to my cross-legged position as she settled on “my” chair. All that earned me was a loud sigh and roll of eyes when the cop passed me by a few minutes later. Tch Tch!

I met some colourful characters, laughed my head off at times, enjoyed my work for a change and made new friends. Eventually, the stories will come. For now, let it be known…..I am back!


4 Responses to “Main yahan hoon”

  1. K Says:

    ah .. to travel again, to get off my well rounded ass and move around this beautiful, dusty, vibrant country.. *goes into dreamlike state*

  2. Cuckoo Says:

    Now that is what I call travel. Away from usual expected routine.

    Something different to ponder.

  3. Anjuli Says:

    Oh please we want to hear more about this trip!!!!! It sounds wonderful. Now you have made me yearn to be ‘on the road again’ 🙂

  4. Coffee Messiah Says:

    Sometimes, taking a longer route, such as the train ride you mentioned, can be quite interesting.

    When we went to Hawaii, and the island of Hana, there’s a 40 mile or so drive to the end of the main road (at least then) to a place called the 7 Sacred pools. It was a 4 hr trip through a hilly, windy road. Well worth it to see many interesting people and sights.

    Look forward to hearing more about your trip. ; )


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