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One of those chance encounters February 17, 2009

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She wanted to scream. She wanted to hit someone. She was pretty sure there were red fumes rising on top of her head. Hitting someone was not a possibility though. The hot chick sitting behind the counter could have hardly predicted the 3 hour delay even though she worked for the airline. The hot chick, with absolutely perfect hair and make up, had no say in the delay of her flight. So she picked up her boarding pass, took a deep breath, slung her backpack on and walked away from the counter (and terrible violent urges).

There was a huge line at the bathroom. There was a huge line at the coffee kiosk. Everywhere she looked she saw thousands and thousands of people. She hunted for an empty chair in a corner. She needed to getaway from the noise, from the crowd. She silently prayed for the strength to make it through the delay and the flight. 15 minutes later, she still hadnt found a chair. The entire place was closing in on her (so it felt to her) She knew she had to get out. She walked back to the hot chick, with her absolutely perfect hair and make up and toned body. Explained the situation. Emphasised on her need to get out. She was given the same response to her request about a dozen times, “But Maam, you have checked in. I am not sure we can let you go out now. It might be difficult.” Since she hadnt a heard a perfect “no” yet, she knew she had a chance. The exercise lasted 13 minutes and she spoke to 3 people about her request. Finally, the 3rd one, a guy, took pity on her and told her he’d arrange something.

All formalities completed, she stepped out. Oh, fresh air!!! Oh, sunlight!!! She hunted for an empty corner again. She found the perfect spot away from the crowd. Just as she made herself at home in the corner, he walked up to her. Leaned over the potted plant she was hiding behind and asked her for a favour. He sat down, not too close yet not too far from her. Silently he indulged in his vice. He broke the silence after the first few minutes. Inquired about how long her flight was delayed. She answered his query alongwith a few ‘special’ words highlighting what she thought about the airline she was flying. Through her monologue that lasted 7 minutes, she talked about what she thought of all airlines in general, the entire industry! He nodded, a slight smile on his lips. Eventually she inquired about his flight.

From a distance, they heard the music of a popular song. It resulted into a discussion about the attention the song and its movie were getting. This led to a discussion about movies in general. Somehow the conversation drifted to the city they were currently in. He belonged to it while she was visiting. He asked her what she was doing in the city. She explained her work, the reason she was there. She asked him what he did. He smiled and asked if she really wanted to know coz he didnt want to embarrass her. She didnt understand, of course she wanted to know. Why in the world would she be embarrassed about what he did for a living? (Of course, at this time, her imagination had led her away…..far far away…to various interesting answers) Interrupting her chain of thoughts, he explained he worked for the airline she was flying and thought very highly of. Instead of being embarrassed, she burst out laughing. She wondered how these things happened to her. They joked about it for a while, back and forth while she added few more ‘special adjectives’ to describe the airline he worked for.

A announcement cut them silent. He stood up, they were calling his flight. He walked upto her and wished her luck with her flight. He promised to put in a good word for her at the counter – ‘for the special treatment’. They shook hands and said their goodbyes.

As he walked away, she had two thoughts.
1. She hadnt realised that 90 minutes had passed since she sat down there.
2. They hadnt exchanged names.


5 Responses to “One of those chance encounters”

  1. Says:

    hmmmm..nice ending… please tell her i hate long lines too!!
    and change ur header!!!! i liked the old one btr!!!

  2. N Says:

    lol. the header is in making. am still experimenting with a few things (thats if my photoshop ever starts working again!!)

    thanks, will tell her.

  3. Reflections Says:

    Nice……happens all the time with us doesn’t it???
    … the airport
    … the passport office
    … the RTO
    … PTA meetings

    yeah…well it happened to me in these places;-D

  4. N Says:

    Reflections, i have to admit it doesnt happen to me often. most of the time, i refuse to talk to people. u know how there r always people sitting in corners in public places not making eye-contact with the rest of the junta? thats me! šŸ˜€

  5. gomu Says:

    90 minutes!! whoa!! It is possible that they didnt exchange names, but 90 minutes and all we get is this much information about both of those! tell us more šŸ˜›

    Oh and yes, I love talking to interesting people like this at times. AND I’m also like those black chasma wearing, eye contact avoiding people at times.

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