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The Relationship Road March 23, 2009

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Let me state the obvious at the start. Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet are awesome actors! In the movie, Revolutionary Road, I think I looked at them as Frank and April(their characters) rather than Leonardo and Kate. Its also amazing how Leonardo looks good in any role set in any period in any storyline. One of the coolest things to watch out for is how his face conveys his thoughts even though his words tell a different story in the same moment!

One of the first comments made (more jokingly than serious) as the movie’s credits rolled in was it wasnt a movie to be watching when you are looking to “settle down”. The two characters that fall in love, get married and “settle down” together realise an emptiness in their lives. She fell in love with a man who had high aspirations for himself and their life together. Eventually, she realises (pretty much at the same time he does too) that maybe he didnt have any dreams to begin with. Through the movie, you realise that the space between the couple gets wider and wider. They yell and shout at each other but they arent really talking or listening to each other. So yeah, it presents a rather uncomfortable picture of ‘settling down’.

However, recently I came across some beliefs/theories of this really really smart person who refuses to believe that marriage and settling down mean life coming to a standstill. There have been a few things that have dispersed my fears of ‘settling down’. A warning that a full-stop to my life would mean a full-stop to his and viceversa. A reminder that this was just the beginning and though it meant changes, each brought to it their own dreams and aspirations. An assurance that if the dreams ran out, new ones could be created together. A support to ensure I reach out to my aspirations all the while aspiring for more. A promise of an exciting journey together. So when I look down the relationship road, I cant wait for the revolution in my life.


11 Responses to “The Relationship Road”

  1. K Says:


    On a slightly more serious note its amazing how simple it actually is to change perspective. All you need is faith and hope and trust and love.. pretty simple huh..!!

  2. K Says:

    I am very happy that you have found such a smart man.. congratulations!

  3. Mrinalini Says:

    N, I am happy for you if its about you 😀
    I am headed that way too and you have no idea how faith changes your entire life..I have been feeling it myself, but am too insecure to jot it down yet 🙂

  4. Anjuli Says:

    I was wondering about the movie- wondering if I should go see it. Your critique of it has made me want to see it.

    And I agree with the VERY smart person that ‘settling down’ is not the end but the beginning- take it from someone who has ‘settled down’ with a most fantastic man for more than 23 years. Rather than stagnating- we have both grown- attained dreams unimaginable- traveled to places, unbelievable- learned lessons, incredible- and the journey still keeps going. More roads to travel- more adventures to have!!!

  5. absolutgyaan Says:

    Relationship road….seems you are well on your way to be the the first to take that exit amongst us 😉 lol…at least that ensures we get to party and you get to be on stage lol…

  6. N Says:

    K, yes its amazing how the simplest of words can make a lasting impression. thanks 🙂

    Mrinalini, thank you 🙂 and wish you the very very best too! congratulations!

    Anjuli, definitely worth a watch – the movie. and i appreciate you sharing your experience 🙂 strengthens my faith!

    Absolutgyaan, **faints** you know why!! 😀

  7. I scribble here Says:

    I want to watch the movie after reading your take on the movie..
    And settling down is definitely doesnt mean anything coming to a stand still..I know of couples who grow along with each other (i see one in your comments too), I am not quite sure if I fall into the category but whatever it is I would definately not call it stagnant 🙂

  8. Reflections Says:

    I agree with u abt Dicaprio…for a pretty boy he sure can act;-D

    U’ve made me curious…have to watch the movie now:-)).

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I am a cyber visitor, and was window blogging. Happened to cross The Relationship Road.

    Keeping the “dream” alive in a relationship is important. The smart person seems wise.

    A husband desires and enjoy’s a mysterious, exciting and an aware wife — A wife desires and seeks a passionate, stable and secure husband. This is one little secret to a successful marriage.

    But, in order to meet their respective expectations, they must keep those “dreams” alive…..cause its the dreams that bring about the desires. If one cannot dream, one cannot desire. The result – an unaware wife and a dispassionate husband.

  10. Poonam J Says:

    Havent watched this movie yet…and you made me want to watch it, so I will. Congratultions on the new journey you are heading for…I have been married for 31 years, and both of us have ruffled feathers many a days, but most of the days we have also given wings to eachother to reach for our dreams…and shared dreams is what we have. You are indeed lucky to have met a man who I am sure will travel many roads together with you in harmony…..You sure are on the threshold of avery exciting journey.

  11. Aathira Says:

    I have been thinking about watching this movie, want to see the effect it has on my going to ‘settle down’ feeling of present.

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