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The Curious Case of Old Age April 17, 2009

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There was a line in the movie that hit me more than everything else. The story is interesting, I just wish the pace hadnt been as slow as it was. I think it would have had a much greater impact if it had been more crisper. Benjamin uttered the words that are still playing in my head. (disclaimer: not the exact dialogue but close)

“……….I feel like I have forgotten a lot of things…….. like I forgot a life i had…….things I did in the past……”

That summarises my fear for old age.

Every night I attend to a family member who suffers from no horrible disease but old age. Her dependance on others is frightening. If we didnt hold her, she would be hurt very easily. If we dont change her, she would be uncomfortable all night. If we dont feed her, she would be hungry all day. Its been a while now since she could have helped herself. There are moments when its just the two of us in the bathroom and as I wait for her to be done, sometimes impatient at how long I have been waiting…..our eyes meet. I know she hates it. My fear is that helplessness.

She doesnt remember names. She doesnt recognise anyone. I wonder if she remembers the life she led, the kids she had, the things she got a chance to do and the things she didnt, the joys, the struggles……… coz if she doesnt, I wonder what the point of it all was. If we all go back to our diapers, why did our mothers put so much effort in to toilet training? (sentence not to be taken literally!) My greatest fear is that all the highs and lows I experience now, all the dreams and visions I have now, all my thoughts may not even be my companion towards the end.

I know what I am really glad for though. Thank the lord that these intense movies have such good looking men as lead actors!! (Ref: Revolutionary Road/Leo Dicaprio) Their good looks help take the edge off it a bit!


7 Responses to “The Curious Case of Old Age”

  1. Aathira Says:

    Love the last line of your post… extremely true. If they did excellent make up and made them look truly old and helpless, that would have been horrible too!

  2. Anjuli Says:

    wow – this was thought provoking!!

  3. Just call me 'A' Says:

    i’ve not seen this movie yet and the only thing that keeps me from seeing it is because of the pace. I’m shit scared of old age too.
    i love this post. you should post more frequently lady.

  4. gomu Says:

    😀 I know, atleast the guys look cute and its less frightening lol.
    u ended the post with such a cute funny line 😀

    I am always always afraid of this too. dependence. and just if we come right down to think of it, most people who can feed themselves or change themselves, even they are sooo sooo parasitic, and their whole existence makes us think about what matters and what doesnt, and whats all this about!?

    not that helping people is bad, we are social people, there is a degree of parasitic needs of us that no human being can deny, we all depend. but it truly is frightening.

    what I feel is.. whats that animal instinct in us that makes us wanna live, stay alive. okay, i’m getting too deep and nihilist-ic and just absurdist… so i cant help stop myself thinking like this…

    umm. to end it in a funny way, like u do, maybe I shud jus go back to eating my tiramisu and living the good life while i can 😛

  5. gomu Says:

    and the blogger must continue blogging and updating us on the thoughts and feels and happenings (quite frequently!), even if she is really busy with some new cute things/people/events in life 😉

  6. N Says:

    Aathira and Gomu, i knew there were more women like me who would appreciate beauty no matter where and how it is shown 😉 im not a brad pitt fan but there were certain parts in the movie his looks just leave u breathless. no denying those good looks!

    Anjuli and A, sometimes movies have that effect na….. spark off these thoughts in your head that you have to figure out answers to.

    A and Gomu, will try posting more often 🙂 promise!

  7. Coffee Messiah Says:

    The original story is only 20 pages long.

    It was interesting, but reminded me of that tom hanks movie that goes on forever “my momma always told me etc”………….. ; (

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