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Change is good, Change is good, Change is good…… April 28, 2009

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Maybe if I repeat it enough times it will sink in. Sink in deep and make me comfortable with it.

I always believed I like change, doing things differently …… soul would itch after a while of the same and beg for something different. As I leave a place that I have come to every day for the past 2 years, its not as simple as making a change. This has been my learning ground for a while. It hasnt just contributed to the professional side of me but also personal. This has been the ground where I have run and excelled at what I do, the ground where I have failed and faltered and fallen, the ground where I have pushed myself beyond my limits, the ground that has provided me the stability to do all of the above. This is where relationships have been formed and grown, where dealing with the dynamics of these relationships has been a lesson in itself. This is a place where I learnt to believe in myself.

Change is good, change is good, change is good…….
Its just harder than I thought it would be.

I realise that a bigger change is around the corner. I also realise I am looking forward to all these changes and the excitement in me is growing every day. Yet, the heart skips a beat at the thought of how hard it will be leaving a part of me behind………………


16 Responses to “Change is good, Change is good, Change is good……”

  1. Aathira Says:

    Change is so difficult but I feel at times when you just jump into the bandwagon, we almost fail to remember that it was a CHANGE in the first place 🙂

    Change for the better…

  2. marathoner81 Says:

    I’m torn on the whole change thing. Sometimes it’s great and other times it’s not so good. Best of luck with your impending changes!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Think of it not as ‘change is good’, but as ‘change for the better’, that is, evolution. Best of luck!

  4. marathoner81 Says:

    One more thing…

    I tagged you on my blog to list 6 unimportant things that make you smile!

  5. Reflections Says:

    U knw…I'm just the opposite..I'm such a creature of habit that I'm content with the way things r. Once in a while somebody or something comes along & forces me to make changes. I grumble & resist & do it unwillingly.

    Later when I look back I realise I was being such an idiot & shd have made the changes myself;-P

    I echo ur words…
    Change is good, change is good, change is good…..:-))

  6. Poonam J Says:

    Change is the truth of Life, so they say. Seasons, Time, People…everything Changes…Today changes in to Tomorrow, A caterpillar changes into a Butterfly.The so called wheel of Change moves on….A positive approach to Change you have Dear…so it is going to be good. Best of Luck.

  7. K Says:

    Circle of Life N. It doesnt stop, it keeps rolling. Its not good, its not bad. It just is. Enjoy it and it’ll be good 🙂 Best of Luck.

  8. Coffee Messiah Says:

    I’ve looked back and seen it more as growth, as opposed to change.

    Especially since nothing ever really stays the saem you know ; )


  9. Mrinalini Says:

    I agree with K..It just is, you cant prevent it, hold it or wish it will be can simply live it..
    ofcourse, memories of things and people you leave behind will be there with you forever, to make you cry or smile, either 🙂

  10. Just call me 'A' Says:

    Change is always good till we settle comfortably in it and discover the nuiances

  11. Pri Says:

    say it a coupla times more and ul’l convince everyone who needs to be be convinced 🙂

  12. gomu Says:

    trust me, change is so good. u dont leave anything of you behind, you just see yourself growing in more and more ways that you thought the directions went stagnant until now. and life gets so much richer with the new experiences, you'll be surprised there is sooooooooo much more to you when you explore things, and thus yourself.

    [even in bad experiences, you realise a fine rough texture that completes the art/beauty of life..]

    it sure is frightening a little, but trust me, you wont loose a bit of yourself behind. its just a forward moving chart 🙂

    omg. falsafe ki baatien karne bolo mujhe exam ki time par! :O 😛 ❤

  13. I scribble here Says:

    change is indeed good.. i have had difficulties in coming to terms with a huge change in the past may be,but now that its all done with and i look back, all i feel is that it was so meant to be… so will u, i am sure:)

  14. Anjuli Says:

    change is good- when it is the right time for change. 🙂

  15. Reflections Says:

    and where are U?????

    No updates??????

  16. churningthewordmill Says:

    N, u are awarded!!!!

    will come back n read the post later..:D

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