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Time-Out! June 7, 2009

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You know you are on a holiday when –

* You don’t hit the snooze button on your alarm, just put the alarm off! (if you have an alarm set in the first place)
* You roll around in bed for an hour after you woke up, cant think of a single reason to get out of it.
* Your toes and the ceiling and the trees outside the window seem interesting enough for you to stare at for an hour.
* You get breakfast in bed.
* The only reason you get up to brush your teeth is the tempting cheese omelette they left in your line of sight.
* You take a long bath instead of the rushed 3 minute shower in the morning.
* You indulge your sweet tooth and feel no guilt when you try out ALL the different brownies a bakery has.
* You go back (to the bakery) for more!
* Your cell phone stops being an essential part of your body.
* You guiltlessly watch the cell phone ring forever even though the display shows ‘BOSS’.

You know you had a fantastic time with the girls last night when –

* You wake up smiling.
* You wake up not quite clear on the events of the previous night.
* You pull out phone numbers you don’t remember collecting from your purse.
* Your cell shows calls you dont remember making.
* The number of those calls is obscenely high!
* You aren’t sure how the heel of your stilettos broke.
* You cant figure out a couple of strange marks on your body.
* Your jaws hurt from all the loud laughter.
* The rest of your muscles are making their presence felt after your dancing frenzy.
* All you can think of is ‘water!’ every time you move.
* All you can think of is ‘tooooo bright!!!’ every time you open your eyes.
* Your friends smirk at you and you feel you should know why but cant recall nothing.
* You remember this really cute face you were talking to but the name and the conversation delude you.
* The events and laughs of that night are still amusing after a week.


11 Responses to “Time-Out!”

  1. Just call me 'A' Says:

    ok….i want a post with details on "the fantastic time with the girls" and special emphasis on phone numbers you don't from your purse, calls you don't remember making and the strange marks on your body 😉

    But ohhhh you don't remember any of them 😀 hee hee….sounds like some fun time you've having. i miss my girlfriendsss

  2. I scribble here Says:

    wahaoo.. is that a reply post to mine where i tried to make people a wee bit J??:))
    sounds like a fantastic time, and i cant wait to quit/go on a vacation!
    loved the post.

  3. I scribble here Says:

    and yes, i havnt had a fun girls nite out in ages, craving for one

  4. Optimistic Pessimist Says:

    Oh…I'm so jealous!!!! Sounds like a great time!

  5. Anjali Says:

    LOL!! am laughing way too much after reading the list!Completely agree with the holiday list!
    And i just went out with my friends couple of days back. Yeah…all true! 😛

  6. Anil P Says:

    Someone once said that the one who needs a holiday the most is the one who has just returned from one. 🙂

  7. gomu Says:

    the holiday hangover 😀

  8. N Says:

    A, a post with details would be telling tooooo much! 😉 how about a special mail to u?

    ISH, lol…no no..just that the holiday was too much fun to not post about! intention isnt to make any J! i think its mandatory to have a girls night out on regular basis to stay sane.

    OP, it was! it was! how was ur bday?

    Anjali, finally i have a list of some kind for you guys! lol.

    Anil P, you said it!!! so true whoever said it.

    Gomu, ooooooooooh yeah! uve seen the pics u know why!

  9. K Says:

    *double sigh*…
    tee hee hee..

  10. Mrinalini Says:

    hehehehe..this is awsome and so so true! esp when the friends smirk n u wonder why 😛

  11. Sneha Divakar Says:

    too good.. esp the holiday one.. i d love to go on a vacation like that

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