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How do you like them? June 20, 2009

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It was a warm Saturday night, no pressure of rushing back to work the next day, a couple of rounds of home-made long island iced teas led to the inevitable between a couple of friends. The talk about men and women and relationships and swapping inside stories!

One of the things he stressed about was keeping the mystery alive – hide and seek – show some, hide some. Men, apparently, like their presents well presented. The shiny wrapping, the red ribbons, the bow is just as important to them as the present inside. No matter the age, they will always be young boys who loved ripping apart the wrapping with joy, knowing what awaited them inside the box.

That led me to thinking if women have lingerie, what is the equivalent of that for men? What is it that would make you rip off the “wrapping” with as much anticipation?

As simple as it sounds, there is something so drool-worthy about a guy in a well-fitted white tee and jeans. No matter how many age boxes I move, I think that will stay with me. Just as interesting is a man in a black shirt, with just the right cut. A man walking in from the rain. The list could go on for a bit but Im not sure Id be closer to an answer.

How is it that women like their presents wrapped?


10 Responses to “How do you like them?”

  1. gomu Says:

    hmm. wrapped in a cute smile. a hot stare. and poise.

    btw. awesome look o the blog. and I abso-fuckin-lutely (picked that up from Big in SATC) love that lime and vodka quote you’ve put up there!

  2. anjuli Says:

    I love my husband wrapped in whatever he is in- after 22 years- I still feel my heart pitter patter when he walks in a room!!

  3. First, nice look ya have here.

    Now in my life, it’s not the package or wrapping, it’s the simple things.

    Er, and nothing is quite nice too ; )

    BTW, my great-grandfather once told me about the most beautiful woman he ever saw in his life (he died just days short of 100).

    I forget what country he was in, but his eyes teared up when he mentioned a lady walking down a road carrying a basket on her head. It was how she stood and walked that captivated him.

    And so it goes…………


    • limenlemons Says:

      nothing huh! i like ur honesty. LOL!

      i think what your grandfather saw and appreciated in that lady may have been easily missed by someone else. maybe it depends on the sensitivity of each person too….. but i can imagine what he meant. some people, no matter what they are doing/wearing/etc exude an appeal that draws us to them.

  4. gomu Says:

    how do u like wordpress? I wanna move too… want new readers.. want to open up and write again.

    • limenlemons Says:

      thank u! i love that quote too! as much as i loved SATC – infact, there r quite a few lines from SATC i like 😀 picked up a quite a few things from it myself.
      WP – hmm…more themes, am still figuring out the other features. layout wise i think its better. i think ull like it, just takes a bit of time to get used to (esp. if ur techno-challenged like me…too many buttons n im lost!)
      btw – very glad to know u wanna “come back” 😀 cant wait! do it. do it. soon! i love ur writing so i know im going to enjoy it.

  5. Anjali Says:

    For me,whats inside matters….not how it is wrapped. But yeah if a gift is given beautifully wrapped or with a warm smile and a just becomes special. 🙂

    And yeah i totally agree with you that guys look awesome in white T-shirt/shirt and blue jeans! 🙂 It suits everyone and is a simple look to carry off

  6. scribble Says:

    boy! this surely gets me thinking 😉 the classic white shirt and denim works if u talk abt the wrapping but then there are so many things. attitute ,confidence and humour count most of all
    hey, i loved this one!:)

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