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The Snowball Effect June 23, 2009

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The simplest of questions left unanswered can lead to rather complex situations. Ever have that happen to you?

Lets take the simplest of questions – How are you? You get a “uhmm” or an equally dismissive answer to that and the thoughts in your head start multiplying. Is s/he okay? Did I say/do something? Did I NOT say/do something? and the list goes on and on.

If such a general question can lead to that sort of reaction when left unanswered, imagine what a specific question asked with a purpose in mind, if left unanswered, can do.

The aim of the question could be clear and specific in your mind. It doesnt seem like a big deal to you……right uptil the moment its dismissed without an answer or worse, answered vaguely. Its downhill from there. The snowball effect. From disappointment to assumptions, it turns into this white elephant (or is it pink?) in the room. God knows you are still thinking about it but you pretend that it doesnt bother you.

This begs me to question again – how important is to disclose the aim for that question? Will reasoning out the purpose of the question make it easier to get (or give) an answer? Is it that people find it more comfortable to answer a question if they think the reason is worth it?

Like I said, a simple question can lead to such complex 99 other questions…….if left unanswered!


11 Responses to “The Snowball Effect”

  1. anjuli Says:

    I’ve never given this much thought- but you are actually correct!! When a question is left unanswered- or is evaded- answered in a very dubious manner it does raise about 99 other thoughts!

  2. Poonam J Says:

    I am smiling…Thank you, nice cute post…left me with a question why had I not thought of this snowballing effect ? Guess sometimes simple questions require pressing answers…..all a state of mind I guess.

  3. Just call me 'A' Says:

    if the answer is not precise or unstood then yes it does lead to more questions. even if the tone of the person is different then that leads to more questions. hmmmmm there’s always a why is’nt it.

    this post also reminds me about how people carelessly ask “how are you”and then jumps right on to another train of conversation without waiting for a respond. this happens esp in the workplace and they kind of expects the “i’m fine” or “i’m good” answer. I find that so irritating.

    • limenlemons Says:

      lol! true……i now pause when i answer someone’s “how are you? hows it goin?….” kinda questions to check if they were being polite or were really interested!!

  4. scribble Says:

    i never gave this as much thought before but yes, an unanswered question does leave u curious
    as for me, i would do that onyl when i know that the answer isnt something that the person would like to hear

    • limenlemons Says:

      but isnt that presuming a little too much? taking a call for the other person – they might not to hear……

  5. gomu Says:

    i saw u in my dreams lemons

  6. gomu Says:

    dream* 😛

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