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Cleaning Out The Closet July 8, 2009

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Image0210Every few months, I indulge in a clean-up exercise. It would normally mean just clearing up a few things here and there in the room, gazing thoughtfully at a lot of old clothes (sure, Ill lose wieght some day to fit into that), cards (but its from her/him, cant throw it), photos (of course I need photos of the same place from 3 different angles) …… eventually, deciding that I would use them at some point of time and putting them back in the cupboard.

This time around I was rather ruthless with myself and my stuff. Of course, the reason for the clean up was rather a big one too. The move. The permanent move.

Part by part, I dragged out my stuff, lay it on the bed and made seperate piles. One, to keep and the other, to discard. I refused to let up and go easy on the little sentimental section of my heart. If you were to peep into my cupboard now, its half empty. If you were to take a peek into the drawers in my room, they are half empty too. As I stood across from a friend and watched the “funeral” of a lot of old photos, cards, letters and random stuff I had collected over the years (random stuff that needed to be properly discarded!! 🙂 ) she asked me how I felt. I shrugged then at her.

This process has been a way of making space for new memories and new memorabilia. It has driven home the point of the change, the move and starting out on a new phase in life. Its facilitated the shift of mental gears.

It was, I have to admit, not so easy to let go. I “wasted” a lot of time getting caught up reading old notes or over the good times captured in the photos – texting or calling friends about it! I was tempted to pull back quite a few things from the discard pile and *sigh* gave in to that temptation a couple of times. A friend got me to pull back a couple of things simply ‘coz some things a girl must never let go off! 🙂

Waves of nostalgia were probably at their highest in the past week and I rode through them. In return, I refreshed my memory, found a few absolute gems to treasure forever, laughed over our shared pasts and readied myself to move on.


13 Responses to “Cleaning Out The Closet”

  1. cinnmint Says:

    NicE! – proud of you! – but i bet you can’t bury du parc away…

  2. scribble Says:

    good luck with the move, the change.. its a difficult thing to do but once done, you are all set to assemble new memoirs

  3. anjuli Says:

    oh, I loved this post!! You capture the ‘cleaning up’ process perfectly. I liked how you likened the getting rid of the things to create a space for new memories. Change is never easy- but it is often rewarding- and I know in your case it will be great!!

  4. gomu Says:

    making space for new memories and things like that!
    every once in a while I open my old packed up stuff and just such beautiful things show up.. ur post captures most of the stuff im trying to say here 🙂

    and when I moved here from India, I had to give away so many things, and after that first move, I’ve had to repack and unpack my little world of things about 3 times when the rental apartments lease got over..

    this last time i was soo ruthless.. coz I wanted to go minimalist..
    somehow I agree so much on that part now that u gotta let go of old stuff to create new stuff..

    but still I have that little Archies plastic bag wherein Ive tucked cards, letters, things like that… I’ve made it so compact that wherever I move, I carry it, and there’s just no minimalism worth throwing this lil bag of my old life.

    wow i’ve babbled!

    • limenlemons Says:

      yeah, i too have a tiny bag that I think is gonna go with wherever I go 🙂 Gonna be difficult to get me to ‘let go’ of it.

  5. ditto..same pinch :). I have piles of clothes I don’t wear and the only reason i’ve kept them is the hope that i’ll fit into them someday :D….and some..well some just have such pleasant memories :). I have a moving box that is label “things I never want to throw” 🙂

    All the best with the move.

  6. Nandini Says:

    🙂 I Feel you on this! Photographs, cards, books, clothes.. well almost everything has a story! or a memory! But its a part of the process where you are making space for the plenty more memories to come, which bring with it their share of momentos !

  7. K Says:

    Its like clearing out the memory space on the hard disk. I hope those that you have retained remain forever..:)

  8. Miss M Says:

    “Waves of nostalgia were probably at their highest in the past week and I rode through them. In return, I refreshed my memory, found a few absolute gems to treasure forever, laughed over our shared pasts and readied myself to move on.”

    Absolutelu beautiful! 🙂

    You know I could never bring myself to throw away cards and notes and letters. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to bring myself to throw them away. Lots of memories attached to them. Lets see. Maybe someday I just might.

  9. Nancy Says:

    All of us N or atleast most of us agonise over the what to throw 😦
    Enjoyed this post!!!!

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