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And your response is…. July 12, 2009

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Back in my school days, the nuns would make us pray quite a bit (was a convent school). Each event started with a prayer. There was a part during these prayers where we were told what “our response would be”. Before they started the prayer, they would tell us the line that would be our response through the prayer. I never paid it much attention. You mugged up the line then and on cue, recited it and got done with it.

Looking back, I realise how convenient it could actually be to know “the response” in advance. It would make your life a bit easier and simpler. You’d know what to expect. When you gingerly step up and do something for someone under the assumption that they would like it or be excited by it, you wouldnt have to hold your breath waiting for the response. ‘Coz you knew. You wouldnt be releasing your held-up breath in relief or disappointment or heartbreak or anger. ‘Coz you knew.

Sometimes, the toughest part about an action is not the action itself but the wait for the response to that action. Sometimes, the worst part about an action is not the response to the action itself but that it was an unexpected response. Sometimes, the hardest part is getting over that unexpected response, pushing yourself the next time around and not giving up on other similar actions.


5 Responses to “And your response is….”

  1. Mrinalini Says:

    i am in total sync here! the response is what makes the wait worth it..and sometimes its the response that breaks it! and well, wishful thinking as we may do, the truth is, the uncertainty makes life worth it.. 🙂

  2. K Says:

    Its true the right response makes such a difference. And very often we dont realise how important that part of a gesture/act that is.

  3. anjuli Says:

    You are so correct- now the only dilemma is to try and make the other party understand the ‘right’ response 🙂

  4. Pg Says:

    Ditto!And our response most of the time used to “Watch over us”!!

  5. Amrita Says:

    u kno what. I love this post. you’ve put this thing into words that ive been thinking about. and i have to get it in my behavior, not to act nervous, but know what the optimum response going to be and recite it.

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