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On my mind July 30, 2009

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I had read this somewhere a long time ago. My memory being the way it is, I dont remember where.

“Is there a point to a relationship as feeble as the one that can’t handle the fact that humans err?”

Is there?


7 Responses to “On my mind”

  1. K Says:

    Yes. There is always a point to a relationship. If we didnt give a relationship a chance, then we would never know if it would allow us our humanity.

  2. Miss M Says:

    Simple answer.
    Nope, no point. Really.

  3. Anjali Says:

    Yes, there is, because every body makes a mistake and everybody should be given a chance. By not recognizing or acknowledging the other person’s mistake one also makes a mistake. So its a important to give them a chance to realize what they have done. No one is perfect anyway.

  4. anjuli Says:

    Relationships are normally good- however, when I read that quote…I would have to say, that would be a toxic relationship. A relationship in which someone can’t handle or admit to human error- hello? What type of relationship would that be? horrible!

  5. limenlemons Says:

    K, but how does a relationship that doesnt allow a person space to err allow you your humanity?

    Anjali, 🙂 got me a little confused. are you saying that a relationship that doesnt acknowledge that we arent perfect or recognise that we may make mistakes….there is a still some point to it?

    Anjuli and Miss M, i think we might be on the same page 🙂

  6. K Says:

    I am talking about the fact that how would you know that it doesnt, until you’ve tried it. So you must allow yourself to be in a relationship before you can judge it na? Also the part of the humanity part is not in the context of being humane, but rather human.

  7. Amrita Says:

    nope . it wud just be a very disappointing relationship. very hard for the normal one, since he/she will start questioning simple things in life, confused coz of the other who expects human beings to act perfectly and without erring or regreting. very unnatural.

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