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Open Up, Open Up…. August 28, 2009

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No matter how hard you resist, no matter how strong your defenses are…….you feel the protective wall around you crumble. Its happens to the best of us at some point or the other in our relationships. You try hard to maintain your individual lives and strictly enforce maintainence of boundaries but the part where two individual lives meet – the fundamental areas of our lives – they always come undone.

You realise you cant hold it all together. You give in; you give up. For some its an inch-by-inch struggle.Β Each step is as tentative as the first was.Β There are others (who it seems have waited for this their entire lives)Β  welcoming the invasion into their lives with a smile.

No matter which category you fall into, you uncover and unwrap yourself for the other person.

Thats the thing about love.


16 Responses to “Open Up, Open Up….”

  1. red soul Says:

    me likey this post a lot πŸ™‚

  2. Miss M Says:

    I am one of those people who always have the protective wall around them intact and do NOT let it crumble. I am not sure whether it’s a good thing or not, but I dont become too vulnerable when in a relationship. Rather, I have learnt not to.

    • limenlemons Says:

      Miss M, I am one of those people too….with most people in my life. But I have also learnt that with certain people no matter how hard you try to NOT let the wall crumble….eventually it does.

  3. As a human, you always need some protection against those who do not appear as they really are, and there are plenty out there playing those games.

    You certainly realize who you can let your guard down with pretty quick.

    And your previous post, never did that or had it happen, especially with that word.

    Maybe it’s just for the young people today????


    • limenlemons Says:

      πŸ™‚ Really??? u havent met a woman who didnt FINE u! lucky lucky!

      and sometimes you learnt a bit late but those lessons help too.

  4. Just call me 'A' Says:

    Damn, You always write what I feel or have gone through. This is eerie πŸ™‚
    been away from the blogs for a long time. lots to ready. dropped in to say Hi!

  5. anjuli Says:

    hah- yes the inevitable ‘opening up’– And after 20 odd years of being together- I have a hard time seeing where he ends and I begin πŸ™‚

    • limenlemons Says:


      it happens in a lot of healthy relationships – with husband or your closest friends…..the lines blur.

  6. K Says:

    That is the thing about love, but unfortunately, I dont think I will ever be able to do it again.

  7. anjuli Says:

    Off Limits

    Come on in, make yourself comfy
    why don’t you sit for awhile?
    I like having you in here with me
    you really make me smile.

    Of course, there are a few rules
    that you will have to obey
    Are you ready to listen to them?
    alright then, come this way

    First, be careful of the delicate feelings
    scattered all over the place
    And don’t look in this container
    it has memory files I need to erase!

    Next, you can go anywhere you like
    explore all the rooms you desire
    Beware of the room marked “Fantasy”
    I think it might be on fire

    You say there is one room
    in which you would like to go?
    Oh, the room marked “Personal”?
    You can’t! Oh, No, No, No!!

    That is the only room off limits
    entrance is only for me.
    Just forget you saw the room
    anyhow, I’ve lost the key.

    You just don’t understand
    I really can’t let you in there
    there are things in that place
    I just cannot begin to share

    Why can’t you just talk to me
    out here in this open place
    Please don’t make me open the door
    there are things I’d rather not face!

    Stop…stop banging on the lock
    you are going to break the door
    Be satisfied with what is outside
    why do you insist on having more?

    Now look what you have done
    You have forced your way inside
    You are the first person, besides me,
    who has come in here, I must confide.

    What? Are you surprised the room is empty?
    but didn’t you see the chest right here?
    Don’t open it, though, just read the label,
    “contents reconstituted with just one tear”

    I think it is best you leave right now
    you have seen more than I want you to
    No, we can’t open the chest…
    the secrets are definitely not for you.

    Please, don’t open the lid, just stop!
    let’s try and go back to the start
    Let’s go back to the time, long ago,
    before you entered my heart.

    a poem about opening up- inspired by a can of campbell’s soup πŸ™‚ “Contents reconstituted…”

  8. red soul Says:

    oh me, I do have such stories to share πŸ™‚ may be I will someday. But I can’t post something like this so succinctly yet. thats why I said I like this post a lot πŸ™‚

  9. K Says:

    well I guess some day.

    Loved the poem.. very awesome.

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