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Junk it! September 2, 2009

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“Don’t you wonder when it happens?” Shelley is still thoughtful, looking at the box. “When do all those precious things become……just a pile of junk?”

It happens when we are not looking, I think. At the same time those crows’ feet appear, which we tell ourselves will disappear when we get a good night’s sleep. When our dress size creeps up from a ten to a twelve and then a fourteen…….when we are not looking.

“It happens when we cease to care,” I tell her.

-Pandora’s Box by Giselle Green.


14 Responses to “Junk it!”

  1. anjuli Says:

    Oh my!! You have caused me to want and go out and buy this book immediately- I just googled it and found a review- now I really am swinging by the bookstore on my way to my next appointment!!! What a powerful excerpt!


    if you have time check out my daughter’s new blog-

  2. anjuli Says:

    me again- thanks for checking out Kat’s blog! AND I wanted to say a big “THANK YOU” for ps- I know I read it – but I reread it again and again- and you are right- they would not have wanted the words to die. And I need to stop making excuses for the words drying up- I need to just write – no matter what- good, bad or otherwise.


    • limenlemons Says:

      I loved Kat’s blog 🙂 am now a regular visitor. Something about photo-blogs always gets me hooked!

      You dont need to thank me 🙂 Im just glad it made sense to u. The thought came to me as an after thought to your post.

  3. red soul Says:

    it has happened to me even while I cared, was attentive to every little detail said or done. then I just tell myself “shit happens”. (:p)

  4. red soul Says:

    oh i’m still commenting with the name red soul! just noticed! guess there’s still that red soul lurking arnd. (this is called being self-obsessed, commenting on someones blog about self :P)

  5. calvy Says:

    Woof woof!
    I guess its the same with us dogs…dreams,as in life,have this awkward way of blasting to smithereens when no one is watching.

    Guess,procratination kills…talking of it…I am off to chase the cat:)

  6. Nancy Says:

    Will it be taken as sour grapes if I dare to say that maturity brings about a change; matters which occupied 95% of my thoughts when I was 25 doesnt not quite hold the same importance now at 35 😀

  7. anjuli Says:

    Missing your blog updates. Wanted to thank you again for your ‘nudge’ awhile back in my blog…the seed you planted is blossoming!! THANK YOU!

  8. scribble Says:

    i care an it still happens. whyowhy :/

  9. Nancy Says:

    Helloooo, no new posts??????


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