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The Effects of a Good Read October 2, 2009

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“”Here’s a question, Pru. If you could use these pictures to tell a story, what would it be?”

It’s a hard question. I guess the story would be me, but I can tell she wants more, wants to know what the story would be that I’d tell about myself. And what is that story? I don’t know it yet. So I tell her, “It’s about the changes in me. You’ve been taking pictures of me since I was three. And now I’m ten. And someday I’ll be a teenager and then a grown-up with babies. That’s the story. Like the first pictures of me are almost when I’m still a baby, when I haven’t done anything exciting yet, or brave, when I don’t even know you that well, when I don’t even have a favorite kind of food. And then later, now, you can see those ways I’m more myself, more grown. And the cool thing is you’ll take just as many pictures this year and next year, and every time, the pictures will be one more piece of the puzzle.”

– The Effects of Light by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

I picked up this book at The Strand Book Fair. Dont you love that feeling when a random book you picked up at some random place turns out to be a really good find?

I have been asked before how I pick up and buy the books I do. Difficult to explain but its just a vibe you get from the book you hold in your hand. You glance through its text, read the synopsis if any is offered and take a call. There have been times (rarely though) that I have been disappointed by my buys. This book was definitely not a disappointment.

I loved the way it put certain ideas and theories about art, society and culture to its readers. Most often I find it difficult to follow theories on art and culture….they just seem too pretentious to me. Of course, there is a very strong storyline to it but it has these theories and ideas that would make me read it again.


12 Responses to “The Effects of a Good Read”

  1. scribble Says:

    i usually go by reviews and find out a little bit about the book before picking it up,.. very rare do i pick up a book randomly. I recently did though.. ‘weight loss’ by upamanyu chatterjee. but its a dissapointment. i havent been able to read beyond 40 pages in the last one week.
    but ur right! picking up the right book accidently is absolutely awesome.

    • limenlemons Says:

      🙂 its happened to me a couple of times too where I regret picking up something and curse myself endless over another book I SHOULD have got! lol

  2. anjuli Says:

    absolutely loved the excerpt from the book! I know exactly what you mean about getting a ‘vibe’ from a book and it being good- it has been rare for me to take home a book which ended up being ‘not great’– funny thing is, most books I really have enjoyed and ‘gotten into’ are ones which never did make the best seller list. There are so many gems out there which people pass over for the big shiny baubles. I think you are someone who is willing to dig for the real treasures! 🙂

  3. K Says:

    Nice nice:) The joy of reading a good book. Sometimes I ration a good book so it lasts longer.
    Sometimes when I come here and read some of these deep msgs you put across, it gives me a little more insight into just about anything. Keep reading …lol. I am on my way to being wise.

  4. Mrinalini Says:

    it seems like a good read definitely, i want to read more now!!
    yes, a good book just gives out that vibe, I agree..though am guilty of following my elder sis’ opinions when getting a book home..and yes, art and culture theories do seem a little too pretentious, i read less of those 😛

    • limenlemons Says:

      i think its a good read, try to pick it up 🙂 also the book is a collector’s dream! fantastic cover, hard bound!

  5. Agnes Says:

    “Most often I find it difficult to follow theories on art and culture….”

    I tend to agree… if a piece of art doesn’t speak for itself, then what’s teh point. Although some background information can be quite useful at times.

    Your blog i so pretty 🙂

    • limenlemons Says:

      hey, thanks 🙂

      sometimes people who write about art forget that some of us dont know as much as they do… rather they break it down into simple text that the rest of us can follow and understand more about the art.

  6. Anil Says:

    A random book turning out a page turner – serendipity. Few things can match that feeling.

  7. cinnmint Says:

    Loved the book. thanks for lending me such the precious possesion.

    Here’s one part I really like…(should I say remember for it reminded me to ask a few questions and be prepared to answer some more.. ) favourite part in the book:

    Kate says, “I am your best friend … We should just ask each other, We should just ask and then we should tell each other the truth. We should talkl about our pasts and tell each other everything we know, everything we remember” – Lying was normal to her. She dint know how to tell the truth. She dint even know what truth was. She was afraid of it, afraid of all around her, every other person had one real story abotu their origin and destination. All she wanted to do was run.

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