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The post where I bitch about the strange “friends” I have October 9, 2009

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I highlighted the word friends to ensure that my sarcastic tone got conveyed. (we need a font that conveys that effectively in case anybody’s listening) Back to the point though……bitching about people I know.

I like to believe that I am a pretty straight forward kind of person. It is rather difficult for me, then, to understand certain behaviour I see around me.

Case 1: A girl I went to college with

The only reason we spoke to each other was because we had a common friend who we were fond of  (or let me just speak for myself, I was fond of) Neither of us even pretended during those college years that we hung out with each other for any other reason. She knew I could barely tolerate her and I knew she didnt think much of me. We werent hostile to each other either. We were just there. Same place, same time, same crowd. Its been years since we graduated and we lost touch and it didnt effect our lives.

Now when you turn around and invite yourself to my wedding and tell me how you look forward to having a reunion with everyone including my sweet mother and are soooooooooooooooo happy for me and excited that I will get to experience the joys of marriage as you have been for years……uhmmm forgive me for being dense but all I can respond with is a “huh?” Did I miss the last few years where you were a part of my life in any way? Or lets go back all the way to college and ask if you cared that I existed or not. Now dont get me wrong. I am not grumpy about the fact that you didnt care then, thats the way it was with us. Some people are just never meant to care for each other. I dont get why suddenly you do. So yes I am still good friends with some people we both knew then and yes they will be there for my wedding but how does one react to you inviting yourself?

Honestly, I still dont have a response. Any ideas?

Case 2: A girl I knew in school; shared office space with later

So yes Ill admit we have known each other for years but I wonder if shared history automatically makes us ‘bff’ (that is what they are calling it these days, right?) I am sure you are a great person but we both know that though we hung out at work and work parties we never really hit it off…….unless of course I hit my head yesterday and am now suffering from amnesia. After the stunts and the games you pulled at work, I was pretty clear on distancing myself from you. And in case you hit your head yesterday and suffer from amnesia today, let me remind you of the absolutely childish things (I admit I am not proud of these, seriously the teenager in you never dies!) I did to ensure you got the message…… block you on my gtalk, take you off my facebook, etc. Then on my birthday when you text me using my nickname or ask friends in common about my “courtship” and call me to tell you “all that is happening” in a tone that suggests that we are indeed ‘bff’, I feel stumped.

And again, have no response.

Maybe its pms. Maybe I am being bitchy. Maybe I am just being silly. Maybe I am growing old.


10 Responses to “The post where I bitch about the strange “friends” I have”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Some people are like that…they conveniently forget certain things coz it suits them to 🙂

  2. red soul Says:

    oh ive to make a post just like this too 😛
    remember its our right to crib? B-)

  3. red soul Says:

    and of course, people are SO weird 😦

  4. anjuli Says:

    This did make me laugh- people are like that aren’t they? Sometimes I’m amazed at people- they can be downright rude one minute- and then the next minute it is as if we were best of friends FOREVER!!

  5. scribble Says:

    the two of them have probably just realised the mistakes they made in the past and trying to make up for it
    i am sure u have reasons not to forgive them now..
    and beleive me, i think most people have “friends’ like that, its annoying

  6. Mrinalini Says:

    how do we nice human beings end up around such specimens, i wonder 😛 really, we all have these weirdos in our lives…me and my friends give them code names and crib about them! u please be sarcastic or nasty or both, they need to know exactly what they are making you feel like right now 😛 Go for it girl!

  7. Agnes Says:

    Hmmm… I guess sometimes there’s just no chemistry… but people are trying anyways…

  8. K Says:

    ok firstly. You WERE fond of???? Were?? Secondly, it felt like a catharsis 🙂 And thirdly, the great Venki – our Nobel Laureate, seems to have the same issue (today’s newspaper). As I have shared earlier – there are some people who want to be friends just because suddenly something – they consider major happened to someone else. There are people who cannot stand to then not be a part of it. It is an unfortunate state.

  9. cinnmint Says:

    I simply cannot stop laughing at 2!

    i think i need to put a copyright on that name!! 😀

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