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The art of receiving gifts October 18, 2009

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A’s last post is partly responsible for this post. She talked about the ‘art of giving gifts’ 🙂 

There is something special about giving gifts. Most of us probably share similar behaviour when we give gifts. Part of us is excited and happy because we are doing something special for someone. Most often, (unlike cases mentioned in A’s post 🙂 ) we think about the person, their needs, the occassion, make an effort to find the perfect gift……so a part of us is also quite pleased with ourselves. We await eagerly for the other person to react to it and hope that they like the thought, the effort and the actual gift.

What happens then when someone gives your gift a very lukewarm response? You feel disappointed. Do you ever wish, though, that the other person had atleast pretended a little harder to like it? Do you ever wish that even if they never used your gift and it lay in the dark corners of their cupboard for eternity …….you were okay not really knowing about that?

I presume you do.

Over the years, I have received gifts that I havent truly liked but other than on this post, I dont think I have ever admitted that to anyone. I get so excited that someone thought of me, at times overwhelmed or just happy to receive a gift (what can I say, Im easy!) that I could never disappoint someone by admitting I didnt like it. Now you wonder what is it that I do with these gifts? Do I push them into the dark corners of my cupboard for eternity? 🙂 Uhm, yes……and yet they do see the light of the day now and then….like when the ‘gifter’ is around. Have you ever seen the joy on someone’s face when they realise you are using what they gifted you? Its a look mixed with emotions from relief to excitement to pleasure. Compared to that look, what is an hour of discomfort for me while wearing some earrings or a top that are so not my style?

Some consider this a cheap move. Some tell me I should start speaking my mind and admit aloud when I dont like a gift. I, however, am unable to do it. Even after years of knowing me if someone still picks up something I wouldnt like, I doubt my saying it aloud would change things. Thats my excuse. That and I think its terribly rude to say anything but ‘thank you’ when someone gifts you something. Its probably my convent upbringing. (its amazing how I can always make everything seem like the nuns’ fault!)

Thats my stand on the art of receiving gifts, unless its something that will cause permanent damage (like thongs!)


10 Responses to “The art of receiving gifts”

  1. Anil Says:

    To accept without misgivings, and out of concern for another is a rare gift to possess yourself.

    Alright, so this is where. Thanks for letting know.

  2. anjuli Says:

    I loved this!! 🙂 Especially because I also enjoy getting a gift- even when it might not be exactly what I wanted…but it is more than the person thought of me to begin with.

  3. Nancy Says:

    Loved this post N……I dont know whether u know but so many of ur qualities were brought out thru this 1 post.

    I too try never to disappoint anybody by saying it is not good but many a times I’ve wondered whether the gifter can make out by the expressions in my eyes or the way I said the words ” So Nice”;-P

    And believe it or not I do the same as u….
    “they do see the light of the day now and then….like when the ‘gifter’ is around.”
    Just a few months back I told the same thing when my sister sort of told how her child was getting lousy looking baby clothes as gifts :-D.

    I know how much thought goes into my buying anything for anybody. So I’m careful to give the same consideration when I receive.

    • limenlemons Says:

      lol, that im easy? that im always pointing the blame at the nuns? or that i dislike thongs? 😀

      i keep wearing these tees or earrings that the brothers buy me only when im out for dinner with them and pray hard no one i know meets me then! lol…kidding but yeah im such a sap!

  4. K Says:

    I think graciously accepting a gift is great.

    But I wonder what if the person finds out that you don’t really like it, were pretending just to make them feel good. What then?

  5. Anjali Says:

    Ok, there are plenty of such gifts which occupy space in my cupboard because of the same reason- Its a gift but i dont like it so i dont wear it. And yes i agree, its rude to tell a person that you dont like their gift.But i like what you do….to make the ‘gifter’ happy. From now on, I think i’ll do that too 🙂 At least i could try…

  6. K Says:

    me is different. I am saying generally. What would you do if it was an X individual?

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