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Ways your memory can fail you October 30, 2009

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………..are never-ending.

Especially if you have one like mine, that tends to completely wipe itself out.

They were showing the movie, ‘Message In A Bottle’, the other day on TV. I know I had watched it years and years ago but I had absolutely no recollection of the scenes as I watched it again. I had a very hazy memory of the storyline but wasnt sure how it all played out. At the same time, I also kept having this feeling that I should not be watching this movie…….that there was a reason why I shouldnt be except the reason had been erased by my mind!

So I stayed up watching it when I knew there were 1300 other things (of course related to the wedding) that I could be doing instead. I am way too curious for my own good and I just needed to know how it would end. When the end of the movie did roll in, I knew why I shouldnt be watching it. The end just about broke my heart.

I hate sad endings in movies! If only my memory had served me well, I would have recalled that this movie had a sad ending and not continued watching till the end and felt sad and heart-broken. **sigh**


5 Responses to “Ways your memory can fail you”

  1. scribble Says:

    i avoid them too, sad ending stay with me for a long time.
    Hows the wedding prers coming along?:)

  2. scribble Says:

    woops, preps i meant

  3. anjuli Says:

    totally agree- I hate sad endings- for me, life has enough ‘reality’ and ‘sadness’- I don’t need to sit through a movie with more of the same :)…however, I did love the movie as a whole- haven’t watched it in years, and probably should rewatch it…or maybe not 🙂

  4. K Says:

    next time just call me, really… !! *throws hands up in the air* mera number toh matt bhoolna.

  5. Sourav Says:

    well my memory always failed in the exam hall….lol

    Thanks anyway
    nice blog

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