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The Art of Being Spoilt November 17, 2009

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I think I am finally getting a hang of it….being pampered and spoilt 🙂 This whole getting married thing does have its upside!

I can count the number of times I have gotten a pedicure/manicure on one hand. The idea of me relaxing while some girl at the parlour did all the hard work didnt sit well with me. Blame all the waxing and other painful procedures where you contribute (your pain) to the process of looking good. Also, call me strange (not to my face though) but I have never learnt how to relax with someone else touching my body. It might also explain why I am not too fond of hugs either. But I have now subjected myself to a couple of body massages and am starting to enjoy it!

Apparently, these massages are rather mandatory for an Indian bride. My ‘masseuse’ and certain cousins inform me that I am too late, that this process should have started a long time back. All this was accompanied with a bit of eye rolling that made me wonder whether I had no hope left to look good for my own wedding. It took me a while but I must admit I relaxed and totally enjoyed it. I had to bite back my sighs and moans of pure bliss and contentment lest I scared the masseuse away. So….I get to have this every week for the next month. What joy!

I have also noticed that for some reason, no one in my house seems to want to wake me up in the morning. On a couple of occasions in the past month, I have found myself sleeping till noon (during the weekday!!!) The mother, who since I quit my job hated if I woke up after 9 am, is suddenly not hovering around my bed.

And did I mention that a casual remark about how I’d love to eat a certain dish results in its appearance at the next meal? Like I said, I am soooo getting used to this! Maybe I could fill up the 5 month gap on my CV with ‘worked on honing the art of being spoilt!’


15 Responses to “The Art of Being Spoilt”

  1. anjuli Says:

    I am smiling so much right now!!! I can so relate to your mom just wanting to pamper you as much as she can at this point- after all, her lovely daughter is getting ready to be married. So glad you are enjoying the massages- and pedicures/manicures– I tend to have an aversion for all those but somehow hugging is my specialty :)- so be prepared, if we ever meet face to face- get ready for the biggest hug ever!

  2. cinnmint Says:

    Ha ha ha ha !! I can almost imagine your face at the parlour! 😀

    Anyways Nee, you know anyone will want to pamper! you are besht!!

    And please fill your resume with the experience of going through a 100 shops and extensive experience in shortlisting everything from the color of your dress to a thread that needs to be used in some ceremony!

    (BTW …. just a little over a month is sort of killing me… but I can’t wait to party!)

  3. Hey there, things are really moving along it appears.

    Nothing wrong with being pampered, whenever possible ; )

    Wow, those are some preparations.

    As for being set in ways in your 20s…..forget it.
    If U R creative at all, life is full of constant changes.
    Best thing to do, is work through them in a positive way,
    even when negative occurs, as it always seems to ; (

    It all makes you a better person, if you want to be, anyway.

    Cheers and much happiness 2 U!

  4. Nancy Says:

    So glad for u…..U enjoy it while it lasts ;-D

    I too cant relax when I’m at the parlour. The thing is these people work at u from 2-3 angles…one will be doing the pedicure, the other plucking eye-brows and the third waxing ur hand. However can a person relax;-/.

  5. Miss M Says:

    Wow okay I am here after quite some time and what do I see? You are getting married??? WHEN?? CONGRATULATIONS GIRL!!!!

  6. red soul Says:

    wowwww that is so sweet 😀
    i know how family can get while their lil girl is … well, getting married.
    ❤ have fun. there is also going to be months of pampering from in laws 🙂
    and hopefully a lifetime of that from the man. 😀

  7. Pins N Ashes Says:

    Wonderful to get those massages, n be pampered. Waitng for my set of pampering when I’m heading home in a couple of weeks from now…

    Enjoy while it last:))

  8. red soul Says:

    hi miss pampered,
    where are you? 🙂

  9. Nancy Says:


    when is the wedding???? Keep us posted :-)!!!

  10. anjuli Says:

    wondering how the pampering is coming along- and when is the wedding. Wanted to wish you a very happy new year!!

  11. Nancy Says:

    Wedding I’m sure is over!!!
    Honeymoon happening I bet 😀

    Wishing U a wonderful year ahead!!!!!

    Came here to tell u to claim ur award 🙂

  12. Nisha Says:

    I loved this post to the core. And I am so happy. Have a great time with your boy ! 🙂

  13. Congratulations!!

    And, this one too is a nice blog as well…


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