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Little left…. no….right….little up…uh-ho little down…. March 8, 2010

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The key to ‘adjusting’, I have realised, is not the action of adjusting itself. It’s the ability to forget.

You have to possess a weak memory if you want to be accommodating and successful adjust to a situation. Most effective adjustments occur only when you are able to just forget the past. If there are any remnants of the past – what someone said, did, didnt do….what you said,did,didnt do….. no matter how hard you try, the adjustments are half-hearted.

Some people may tell you that you should learn to let go as if that’s as simple as crossing a street to another side. But imagine if you had a memory of a hamster (I hear they and not goldfish have the shortest memory span!) it would be no problem at all. Someone’s remarks would not be a hurdle, no matter how much they have hurt then, to adjusting because you’d immediately forget all about them!

An enviable ability,wouldn’t you agree?


2 Responses to “Little left…. no….right….little up…uh-ho little down….”

  1. anjuli Says:

    oh yes- short term memory- or no memory at all, is very enviable. However, then we wouldn’t be able to remember the good…and that would not be enviable. Maybe a selective memory would be better.

  2. cinn Says:

    memory! ? and you!??

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