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Lost and found March 11, 2010

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Isnt it cool how in a matter of seconds you can go from hopelessly lost to being on the right track?

You end up in a lane that seems so foreign. You land up in a place that is unfamiliar. But you take a chance. Throw caution to the winds, for once. You walk up to the end of that lane and push yourself to keep going ahead. Suddenly you hit a landmark you recognise. You no longer feel lost and make your way back, even if its at a slow pace. That one turn that you took a chance on pays off.

Dont you love that feeling? Doesnt it just make you smile?


5 Responses to “Lost and found”

  1. Nancy Says:

    U knw this used to happen to me when I used to ride the bike. What was supposed to be a shortcut wd take me into galis’ which I never knew existed and just when I’m thinking of turning back……the next lane wd take me someplace I recognise.

    like u said “That one turn that you took a chance on pays off.”
    B’lore is great tht way 😀
    Now if we missed a turn in Dubai we are finished….the next about-turn wd be atleast 4-7 kms away.

  2. Adi Says:

    reminds me abt that time we were looking looking looking for that udaipur place and suddenly we found it and voila!!!

    btw get more active man!

  3. anjuli Says:

    Oh yes- I love the ‘being found’ when I’m lost feeling- Even when it means discovering new places that become familiar later- even if I was lost at the time…oh that is great. (did that make sense???) ha ha!! What I mean is some of the best places I’ve found were when I got lost.

  4. Poonam J Says:

    So rightly said…i keep going thru such phases in life…i get lost in myself and rediscover me, i get lost at places, and make friends who get me going.I love this game of lost and found…….

  5. K Says:

    I know that feeling. hehe happens in the city where I live – still!!!

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