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Marriages and its wonders April 14, 2010

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As a single girl, I had my doubts about marriage.

As a “new bride”, I had my hard days with marriage.

As a 3 month old married girl, there are these random moments……sitting at the dining table, driving to the gym, waiting in queue at the supermarket, watching a movie…….that I love being married.

There is nothing extra-ordinary about these moments except that The Boy is with me. I look across at him and find myself amazed. Amazed at the emotions he provokes in me; at the reactions he causes; the thoughts he awakens in me. From emotional to physical to mental, its all a mixed bag.

Ours is not your typical love story. This girl did not meet The Boy, fall in love and then decide to marry. Id be lying if I said I was 100% certain about him, about us, about marriage itself when I accepted his proposal. So yes its amazing to me that I feel a bit ‘lucky’ to be married to him.

Id also be lying if I said that its all hunky-dory. We irritate each other at times, piss each other off too. There are those times too where we leave each other a bit confused by our behaviour. And yet I dont question my being here with him. That part always makes sense. Its amazing to observe that this person I have known for a little more than a year now inspires that amount of faith in me.

I am protective of very few people around me. Even fewer people am I patient with. I find myself protective to a fault and more patient than a saint when it comes to The Boy and our relationship. What is it about this marriage that rises all the fierce instincts in me? Its teaching me quite a few lessons – lessons in caring, forgiving, giving, loving, demanding, nurturing – lessons on giving in and leaning on someone else’s shoulder while being his support and inspiration.

At the same time that I got married, I realise now that I embarked on a journey – a journey of discovering rather wondrous (at times strange) aspects about marriage.


8 Responses to “Marriages and its wonders”

  1. K Says:

    I am so happy to read this. There is something about seeing a transformation from cynical to believer. 🙂 more than anything else I am so happy for you.

  2. anjuli Says:

    Can I just say this was / is excellent!!!??!!! You have captured so much in this blog post. And your final line…this journey is a discovering rather wondrous aspects about marriage- I think it is also a journey of discovering wondrous aspects of yourself, which you might have never known before!!

    Really wonderful!!

  3. Nancy Says:

    U said it all…. yes really :-)!!!!

    Best wishes once again!!!!!

    p.s: “There are those times too where we leave each other a bit confused by our behaviour.”
    The story of all our lives 😛

  4. Mrinalini Says:

    sigh N!! havent u like summed it up so totally!
    could hug u in person rite now for the simple fact that u are helping me embrace my doubts so comfortably 🙂
    beautifully written 🙂

  5. Phatichar Says:

    What a post! Touching…yet, makes sense in every which way.

    I thought the very same things 12 years ago! I still think and am amazed at these thoughts. Though ours was a love marriage, let me tell you talking to each other sweet nothings after college, and staying under one roof after marriage are as apart as butter and water.

    Wonderful post! Will be back for more… 🙂

    Oh, and btw, please read this:

    Bye. 🙂

  6. Adi Says:

    Interesting 🙂
    I think the word “discovery” is probably the most interesting one. 3 years down and we still discover so many things about each other (not necessarily Eureka moments though!!)

    I like the way your blogs have evolved over the last 6-10 months.

    agree with K – Always nice to see the transformation from some level of cynicism to belief 🙂

  7. Poonam J Says:

    Hey..Congrats on your life’s longest journey of yes self discovery too.I have been married for 32 years..and I am still learning to enjoy the roller coaster ride that comes with being married. To find that one special person one decides to embark on ajourney with is indeed a miracle.The one special person who shall annoy you and you can annoy too for the rest of your life will in a way balance life too. May you have a happy funfilled journey.

  8. cinnmint Says:

    🙂 calls for a celebration of a different sort.. 😀

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