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Look whose back! May 19, 2011

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Oh boy! WordPress got some new features! How long was I away! (Your Cue: “too long!!!”) šŸ™‚

While I was away I did not win a Booker Prize nor did I find a cure for cancer nor did I climb any high mountains…..

However, I …..

  • Celebrated my first wedding anniversary
  • Completed a year at my new job that I absolutely love
  • Was ecstatic at the arrival of a few nieces & nephews to the family
  • DiscoveredĀ some interesting things about the new city
  • Picked up a few words in a new language (local language)
  • SawĀ overwhelming and breath-taking sights Ā – theĀ temples of Cambodia
  • Partied hard in Bali and Bangkok
  • Got closer to turning 30! oh dear!
  • Battled (/battling) a few health issues
  • Went back to violin lessons
  • Discovered a little more aboutĀ faith and trust and love
  • Created some moreĀ moments with family and friends to treasure forever

Oh and discovered that writing is so much fun! šŸ™‚


5 Responses to “Look whose back!”

  1. K Says:

    finally! finally!!!

    I was abt to give up dropping in on your blog.. because I’d read the last post too *bl**dy many times!!!!

    yay yay! write more and more…

    welcome back N!!!

  2. Anjuli Says:

    You were gone way too long and I am sooo glad you are back!!!! What “new” city are you in now?? I can’t wait to see more of what you have to say!!

  3. nancy Says:

    Wow Bali, Bangkok, Cambodia…….no wonder u had no time to blog šŸ˜€

    Welcome back!!!!!

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