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Silence isnt too golden! June 3, 2011

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This whole silence business is killing me! *grrr*

Women are funny creatures, aren’t we? Someone says something to us we do tend to take it personally and literally and make appropriate vows to ourselves (no matter how hard or strange or unreasonable these vows may be!)

So I vowed recently that I am just not going to say anything to anyone. I think the spoon should be on the right but you have put it on the left…..then the left it shall remain. Shhhh! I feel helpless and restless and homesick but talking about that isn’t really going to change anything so…. Shhhhh! I am adopting the whole dont-think-it-dont-talk-about-it approach hoping it will lead to no-problem-at-all. Unfortunately, it’s not quite working that way. *sigh*

It’s hard to not care. It’s hard to not share. All the unspoken”ness”is a difficult burden to bear. (oooh look I can rhyme!)

Id love to throw an old-school classic full-blown indulge-me tantrum right about now…. I just fear for The Boy’s sanity.


Communication – An art? May 23, 2011

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At work, I spend a lot of time on communication, assertiveness, etc. All this very specific to women. Everywhere I looked, books or the internet, everyone talked about communication as an art….and one that women more than men are lacking.

Over time, though, I have realised that the real art is being able to swallow your tongue! Shut up! Bite it! Hold back! And so on…

I think we may be overemphasizing this whole communication thing. Is it really necessary in any aspect of our life to convey each and every thought to each other? When we do, how many times does that conversation really go the way we want it to?

In not-so-easy situations, we psyche ourselves to communicate what we think/feel. It has been weighing on our minds forever. It bugged us and hence we must ensure that the person responsible knows about it. So we spend our energy and time and – in figuring out how to communicate this effectively. When this does happen, you feel a little deflated….. it just didnt go as you thought it would. Maybe the other person had some logical answers for you or maybe they just didnt get the point! Maybe then….it would have been better for everyone if you had just not said anything.

We still dont learn our lesson, do we? We are out there….wanting to say whats on our mind all over again.