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if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, find someone whose life gives you vodka, and have a party

Tagged and Bagged! January 20, 2012

Thank you Nancy! You tagged me and got me to get back to my poor neglected blog.

Oh and she awarded me too! *wooo hoooo* At the risk of being repetitive, never thought of myself as a versatile blogger…but hey, everyday you learn something new about yourself huh! 😉

So lets see if I can meet the other criteria of this tag….

1. I recently took a cake decoration workshop. It was fun and sooooo tiring! Who knew the fancy stuff could be so exhausting. I laboured over the cake for 2 days and decided to put it to good use. Gifted it to The Boy for our 2nd wedding anniversary.

Outcome of the workshop!

2. Yeah…you got that right. Two years!!!!! The number seems over-whelming. Most of the time it still feels new…you know that warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach during the initial phase when you are together! Clearly, I am still besotted with The Boy 🙂

For those who are rolling their eyes now ‘coz you have passed the 10 or 20 years mark dont be looking down my mere 2 years! Be nice and let me gush over my experience (and achievement??? 😉 )

3. I have never done a tag before. Really….you can check my blog. As far as I recall in all these years, I would always beg off tags. So certain people should consider themselves verrrrrrry lucky right about now 😛

4. I love organising parties. There was a time when K and me joked about becoming party planners. Both of us love excel-sheets and lists and being all super-creative yet efficient and organised. So keeping with that spirit, I threw my in-laws a small dinner party for their wedding anniversary. I attempted yet another cake which didnt turn out so well …..practice! practice! practice!

It tasted divine though...if I may say so myself!

5. I have promised myself to write more often on the blog and this time, I will stick to it. Does that qualify as a random thing about myself?

6. Recently, I became an aunt (for the umpteenth time) to twin girls! Hats off to my sister-in-law and brother ….how they manage the twins and a 2 year old daughter is beyond me. All I do for my part is skype with them every week so the kiddies remember my name and face.

7. I am a professional social worker….well, atleast by my qualification. What I do now would probably not qualify as social work but I believe there is a social and moral angle to it. Someday, I will tell you all more 🙂

So lets award people….I may not blog regularly but I do follow some strictly.


The Twenty-somethings

Lauren, my fav food-blog!

K (dont lead anything back to me!)

Here is what you guys have to do…

1 Put up the versatile blogger pic.  2 Tag people and inform them.  3 Share seven random things about yourself.  4. Dont forget to thank the person who tagged you 🙂


Back (yet again!) October 18, 2011

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No Nancy, this time the excuse is not guests visiting me. Instead, I put on some heavy-duty travelling shoes and was off to have some fun times myself.

Here is a glimpse of the lands I travelled to…

Went home, partied hard with friends & family!

..Then to Delhi for a wedding and of course to enjoy the food and the sights!

Quick train ride took us to the Golden Temple in Amritsar. (oh and the food!)

A LONG flight to throw a coin at the Trevi fountain in Rome (oh the gelatos!)

There were also the pretty sights in Venice ....

The real treasures are hidden in the smaller villages of Italy; like this one... A church with no roof!

Needless to say, being back to reality……NO LIKE!


Busy Bee Me! July 22, 2011

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Doing what you may wonder?

House guests. Enough said. I am sure you know how busy that can get.

Work. Its been a hectic but fantastic time for us. We are a small start-up but we have added members to the team recently; we are getting a lot more business and opportunities seem to be multiplying. *touches wood* Its all good but it means more to do one everyone’s plate.

Health. Its been one thing after another for the past year. I think I have lost a bit of usual strength, stamina and energy through it all. Blah!

Visitors. Cant complain about this one too much 🙂 Friends from home are always welcome. Though this city and its distance is so not conducive to frequent meetings!

Parties. From the father-in-law’s birthday to a friend’s bachelorette, I have been in the planning mode. Its been fun …and if it all goes well, I might have a cool pic or two to share 🙂

The tiredness has creeped into my bones now. I have been in the ‘drive’ gear nonstop for the past couple of months, no stopping for refueling or recharging myself. 28 days more before I can take (hopefully!!) a no-finger-lifted-lazy-as-can-be-weekend break!

In the meantime, nothing like chocolate to get a bit of kick! They disappeared a bit too quick for me to take an ‘after’ shot 🙂



Look whose back! May 19, 2011

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Oh boy! WordPress got some new features! How long was I away! (Your Cue: “too long!!!”) 🙂

While I was away I did not win a Booker Prize nor did I find a cure for cancer nor did I climb any high mountains…..

However, I …..

  • Celebrated my first wedding anniversary
  • Completed a year at my new job that I absolutely love
  • Was ecstatic at the arrival of a few nieces & nephews to the family
  • Discovered some interesting things about the new city
  • Picked up a few words in a new language (local language)
  • Saw overwhelming and breath-taking sights  – the temples of Cambodia
  • Partied hard in Bali and Bangkok
  • Got closer to turning 30! oh dear!
  • Battled (/battling) a few health issues
  • Went back to violin lessons
  • Discovered a little more about faith and trust and love
  • Created some more moments with family and friends to treasure forever

Oh and discovered that writing is so much fun! 🙂


Then there are those days…. July 30, 2010

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Some mornings you question why you should bother getting out of bed…..

Some days it all doesnt seem to have a point….

Sometimes you just lose the motivation to care……


Liar, Lair, Pants on Fire… June 9, 2010

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Dont you sometimes wish that the rhyme was in fact a reality? It would make life easy. No more guessing, no more wondering, no more assuming.

They lie, they catch fire, you have your answer! To make it more interesting, maybe the fire can be in direct proportion to the lie. Big fat lie deserves a scorchingly hot big fire. Teeny white lies could be signalled with just a puff of smoke.

Because……what do you do when you are sure you being lied to but no matter what angle you question the other person from, they are sticking to it! Hrmph! The bigness or whiteness of the lie doesnt matter in some cases. It becomes a matter of principle. Hrmph hrmph! All you need is the truth to be admitted and you can move on. The fact that the lie is proving to have such strong sticky adhesive powers bugs you more!


Dear Lord, I ask for…. June 2, 2010

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It has been my  morning prayer today. Along with some amount of compassion (coz love would probably be asking for too much) and sensitivity (coz you are always asked to understand others’ points of view) and all those other things that make you a better person; that allow you to rise above certain situations; that make it easier to co-exist with others. I’m praying real hard.

Its one of those days when you make a list of all the good things in your life, all the things you love and count your blessing thrice (atleast!) ……so you can face the challenges and the crap and the crazy that comes your way.

Its one of those days when your eyes tear up for no reason, when nothing seems to go right (…your way), when most of your feelings border on hate, when there is so much anger and rage in you…you are certain the steam is blowing out of your ears.

Its one of those days when you can’t think of any other way to deal with the above mentioned emotions but to indulge in the most sinful, most gooey, most delicious chocolate cake……and I would do it (gosh sooooo tempted!) but it would be such a waste of the hours I put into the gym every week (….. and not to mention the amount of anger I may feel towards myself for such a sign of weakness!) Even worse what else may work is a stiff drink……(Worse is that thought coz it’s just noon right now!!)….maybe with some loud mind-numbing music and dancing till your legs hurt so bad you cant think straight……

The trip back home is a long way away. I hope I can stick it out till then………